Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Jason!

 Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the world!

For his gift, I made him these silhouette blocks.  I put them together in about two hours yesterday morning (yes, I forgot it was Father's Day until then!), and I think they turned out so cute!

As you can see, I used the above photos to make my silhouettes.

On the backs, I did the kids' handprints, and put the year on the sides.

Other than the painstaking process of cutting out the silhouettes, it was a fairly easy project, with a really nice result!


creatingme said...

oh I completely agree! These are fantastic. I have never done one, but after your painting, and now these blocks, I may have to try sometime. What a great gift!

sew grown said...

They turned out great! I want to make these!!!

Briana said...

What a wonderful gift!