Friday, March 02, 2012

Lil' Vintage Story Books #19

Welcome again to Lil' Vintage Story Books, where we share our favorite vintage children's books!

Today I'm showing another book from the series I talked about in the very first Lil' Vintage Story Books post.  The series is called "Adventures in Discovery"  and is published by Western Publishing Company. This particular title is "Adventures with Words".  It is written by Adelaide Hall and illustrated by J.P. Miller.

The book doesn't have a particular story.  It just has lots of examples of why words help us.  I adore this first illustration with the baby in the playpen!

Oh, swoon!  I so love the party illustration here!

Remember when these were the kinds of toys in a toy store?  Not one here that takes batteries!

Love the dog under the umbrella!

Just wonderful!  My kids only know of the newspaper for clipping coupons on Sundays- if you asked them where Daddy learns about the news, they'd tell you Chris Matthews!

That illustration of the cowboy on the television is so fab!

Such a sweet picture of the boy sleeping...

My kids totally don't understand this page.  Take a trip to the city?  Wear a particular kind of clothes for it?  Huh?!?

From time to time, I'll look online to see if I can find the books I'm missing from my collection of this series.  There's not much out there, unfortunately!  However, I did find this listing on Etsy for three of the books, including this one, if you're interested!  The price is very reasonable!

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Kim K. said...

This book looks so familiar. I'm going to need to check my childhood collection the next time I'm at my parent's house. I really adore the party picture too. I didn't get a chance to scan any books this week. Life got away from me (more like the craft room got priority at night).

Happy Friday, Corey!

Carly said...

What beautiful vintage illustrations! Thanks for sharing!
Have a Suneday and happy weekend!

My Vintage Mending said...

Aw Corey I feel terrible for not showing up to the party again. Sorry for the lack of party atmosphere here. My daughters memory book is closing on Monday...thank the good Lord. I will be back to my regular blogging again. I need it...I am getting cranky. This book is so beautifully illustrated. Thanks for hosting. Smiles...Renee