Thursday, June 21, 2007

Art for Sale (SOLD!) and Other Miscellaneous Stuff...

I've done another piece for sale- sorry! SOLD! Here are the particulars: It's 11x14, done on an artist's canvas, with fabric wrapped around the edges to "frame" it. I've used paint, papers (mostly vintage, some new), pencil, pen, and watercolor crayons. The price is $75 + $7 for shipping. If you're interested, leave me a comment! And, by the way, the piece from a couple weeks ago is still available, too, as well as some more vintage flashcards!

I mentioned a few posts ago how much I'm enjoying these pieces I've been doing to sell. There's something very freeing about working on a piece without the pressure of trying to "document" something, as I do in the baby journals I keep. I'm sort of stuck in a quandry right now. I feel pressure (mostly from myself) to do the baby journals, since I really do want to document my kids' lives, but I'm having more fun doing the less-specific pieces. I know, I know, why don't I just do both? But I'm so limited on time! So much is going on in the kids' lives that I'm already falling behind trying to capture it all in their books. If I add "fun" art into the mix, I'll fall even farther behind...
Oh, the tortured life of an artist mom, right?? Instead of complaining, I really should be talking about how thankful I am to be able to be home with my kids and have the opportunity to document their lives with the gift I've been given (my artistic abilities). I guess it all is a matter of perspective, isn't it?

And speaking of complaining, I really do feel like a bit of a complainer after my last post. It only makes sense that once the kids are out of school, the less time people will spend leaving comments on peoples' blogs. And I'm certainly not the best at commenting either, so who am I to whine about it? Thank you to all of you who wrote and reassured me that you're still reading- that really did help ease my worries that nobody likes me anymore!


Jamie said...

You silly! We LOVE you! You are always one of the first sites I visit daily girl. Maybe if you focus on the art pieces then you will feel more relaxed about "going with the flow" and discover new things that you would like to incorporate into the kids journals. I really love the new piece.
Love, Jamie

Kimla Kay said...

Hi Corey,

I would love to purchase your new art work! You have a great creative style that is so beautifully unique. I have a cat so the kitty card is very apropos. You can send me a paypal invoice at

marilyn said...

I love the new piece. My favorite is the frame you drew around the girls' photos.
love, marilyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey,
Your blog about why comments have dropped was very sincere, so I would like to share with you a sincere honest answer.
I have slowed on visits to your blog for a few reasons
1) you don't post regular like others do.
2) Latley you've had a "Big Head" when you do post. You're making your readers feel you are so, so sucessfull and busy, that posting on your blog is a real pain.
Do you not realize that we are all equally talented and we are taking time from our families and commitments to share?
3) A post you made a few months ago was very hurtful to many...
You didn't mind spending time on your babies books... but that your OTHER artwork for sell was much less time spent and not as heartfelt.
Why in the world then would I want to buy something you had rushed through?
YEESH Corey , no one else told you in these comments so I felt I needed to .