Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hi Everyone, I feel the need to address a comment I received this morning. The author brought up some things that I feel really bad about, and I sincerely hope that others aren't feeling the same way that she does. The comment was in response to my question about the decrease in comments recently. I went back and forth about whether I should even address it, but the author left the comment anonymously, so I cannot contact her personally. And I'm terribly worried that some of the things she brought up may be things that others are feeling as well, so this way, I hopefully can address the issues to everyone.

She listed three reasons why she thinks my comments have dropped:
1) you don't post regular like others do.
Yes, I can't argue with this at all. And I have no problem if people choose to stop reading because I don't post frequently enough. There are so many great blogs out there that post more frequently than me, so I wouldn't blame you at all. As much as I'd like to post more frequently, I simply don't have time (or, frankly, the things to talk about!). In addition, I suffer from pretty bad carpal tunnel, which makes it difficult to type very much. So anyway, no argument here!

2) Latley you've had a "Big Head" when you do post. You're making your readers feel you are so, so sucessfull and busy, that posting on your blog is a real pain. Do you not realize that we are all equally talented and we are taking time from our families and commitments to share?
This really worries me! I hate the thought that I'm coming across as having a "big head". I've looked back through my posts and found a couple phrases like "another piece of art for your buying pleasure" and stuff like that, but I was just joking! And for my birthday piece, I spoke of how proud I am of myself and what I've accomplished this year. And I am! I don't feel bad about that at all!
In reality though, I am an incredibly insecure person who is amazed that people even want to read my blog. And I'm also constantly struggling with my artwork- do I like it? do I hate it? I know that I post about "loving this piece" or that sort of thing, but I also post about how much I struggle with pieces, and how I don't like lots of pieces.
I give so much credit to others who have families and commitments and are also able to take the time to post so frequently to their blogs. I wish that I was able to do that, but I'm just not. So I try to at least post when I do a piece of art, which is every few days or so. I'm sorry if it seems like I think it's "a pain" to post, but I just usually am trying to fit posting between two screaming kids, so it's sometimes a difficult task.

3) A post you made a few months ago was very hurtful to many...You didn't mind spending time on your babies books... but that your OTHER artwork for sell was much less time spent and not as heartfelt.Why in the world then would I want to buy something you had rushed through?
This is the comment that I am most concerned about. I honestly can't figure out which post is being referred to, unless it is one where I spoke of enjoying doing the art for sale because it's less stressful. I really worry that I must have given the wrong impression about my pieces for sale. The point I have been trying to make is that I am having a great time doing these pieces. Lately, I prefer these to the baby books. Every other piece I do these days has some "personal story" that needs to be told- like Noah rolling over, etc. These personal pieces are HARD for me to do- they use modern photos (which I find difficult to work with) and they need to tell a story (which is hard because I can't just "go with the flow" and let what happens happen- I need to tell the story).
The pieces I've been making to sell are so nice and freeing for me. I'm able to let my muse take over and I don't feel pressured to convey a personal story. I'm not trying to imply that I'm rushing through them or that they aren't heartfelt. In fact, I often feel like these sorts of pieces are more heartfelt because their stories unfold as I'm creating them, whereas the others are "forced" to tell the story. Frankly, I like the way these pieces are coming out a lot better than my baby books, too.

Well, so, that's all I guess. I hope there aren't many out there who feel the way this commentor did, but if so, I really hope that maybe this answers some questions for people, or changes some wrong impressions. I'm sorry if I've somehow been hurtful to people without knowing it.


edina said...

Hi Corey,

I'm fairly new to your blog but enjoy seeing your beautiful artwork and reading your posts. I wouldn't put too much stock into blog comments, or lack thereof. When someone interprets what they read and puts a negative spin on it, it says something about what kind of person they are, not you. Just keep exuding your positive energy and try not to let their negativity get you down - life is too short! :)

Anonymous said...

Corey, I agree with Edina. Carry on girl! Love LOVE your work.

Beth said...

WOW...seems like you got slammed by someone in a NASTY mood and with way too much time on their hands....and also a low self esteem issue that they threw your way.
IGNORE it all if possible because I love your blog !!! I rarely comment on blogs due to time issues but this time I felt I had to chime in !!!!
I would change my "comments" and not allow anonymous comments to come your way !!!
Don't waste another thought on this person who wasn't brave enough to sign their have so many better things to do like keeping your blog posted with things that the rest of us LOVE !!

bridgette said...

Try not to worry about the comment, corey. You can't please everyone out there. Especially in the blogosphere.
As artists we put our souls on paper, canvas, etc. and it is a vulnerable place to be. But we do it because we must. In so doing though, we have to develop thick skins...which is difficult for me and I think for a lot of artists because it almost goes against our nature. Big generalization here, but you know what i'm saying.
Add on top of that a blog where we write our thoughts, insights, our life behind our work and that's a double whammy.
To be an artist is to be brave. Look at all that you have accomplished already! You should be proud. Keep up the good work!

Tricia Scott said...

oh wow. i was really shocked upon reading about this neg. comment. i love your blog and am SO sorry you are having to even put the slightest bit of energy into trying to figure this out. what a shame really. i do think it is a reflection on the writer of the comments. corey, keep right on doing your thing the same as always. i have never had the tiniest thought in the direction of the comments-i always leave your blog thinking what a sincere, sweet loving mommy and artist you are. i am not able to visit as often as i would like (or blog as often either, so I understand. i would think others would as well.
i am sending you a big hug. don't let this get to you---

Becci Hethcoat said...

As a mother of 3 young children I agree that you can't worry about what other say or if they understand the contraints that your life puts on your work or your blogging. I started blogging and have barely managed 1 entry a month lately. The most important thing is that you enjoy it! Otherwise...what is the sense anyway. I love reading about your art and your boys. Keep up the good work!! Becci

Melissa said...

I must admit I tend to look at your wonderful artwork more than I read your blog, or leave comments.. when I have more time in my days I read blogs more - when I don't, and I could use some inspiration, I look at the lovely pictures and artwork..

However I read this post and it really bugs me! As Edina says this negative comment says more about the person who left it, than you. And implying you have a "big head" because you are busy and succesful is ridiculous!

Don't waste your creative energy on this kind of negativity!

cori said...

Edina is right, this person obviously has issues that have nothing to do with you. You are *so* talented and have worked so hard, you deserve all of your successes. You have friends and fans who are here for you no matter how crazy life gets. We appreciate your honesty and anyone else can just move on. Don't change a thing Corey!

Cassondra W. said...

Hi Corey. I am one of the many silent fans of your blog and artwork. I don't leave comments usually on anyones site, but I wanted to let you know that there are probably 100 silent fans to that one negative person. You are an inspiration to many of us out there that you can balance kids and art and inspiration. Please don't give that negative comment any thought. Be proud of the many things that you do, for those are the things that matter.

Judy said...

OMG! What a post. Corey, we really do not know each other suffice to say that I visit your blog as often as I can for I find your artwork inspirational.I too feel that to give credence to such comments is somewhat unnecessary.
Easier said than done.
There are many "out there" who seem to take pleasure in upsetting artists. The anonymous author remained just that, anonymous, as they do not have the confidence to 'come out" as it were. One has to question the motivation behind someone who is hidden.

If it makes you feel any better, my partner, Michael deMeng has had a number of these sorts of comments by people. Yes it made him wonder and upset but it seems that when an artist becomes successful in the public eye then there are always going to be other artists/people who have some-sort of issues with their own lack of success.
Thats just my opinion.

Your blog is your own personal space, people are lucky to gain the benefits of your insights and the sharing of your art. No blogger is obliged to post often - whatever often means. We are all very busy and understand also if there is nothing to say then what is one to do - make about trite posts - I think not.
There is a reason jealousy is in the 10 commandments. Anonymous blogger is jealous of you, your talent, your success. There is nothing wrong with contructive criticism however it could have been done privately and by someone who will identify themselves and maintain a thread of discussion but it makes me so angry that they did this to you - it seems to be something happening rather regularly, from my knowledge of other artists.
Keep up the good work and I wish you all success with your book - which we are all eagerly awaiting publication.
View your success with happiness and confidence - you deserve nothing less.
Gosh I had better get off my soapbox. Hope you have a nice weekend despite all of this.

Tina said...

I'm glad you posted about this comment because I wouldn't have commented myself. I love your blog, your artwork and your style. I think it's horrible that someone would leave such a comment, especially anonymously. I so appreciate those of you who are willing to post about the story behind your work. I learn so much about both process, technique and I it helps me feel so normal. I'm grateful for your blog.

I think it's interesting that the person who posted this negative comment would even bother reading your blog. They don't have to take the time and energy to read if they don't like what you have to say. Yet they took the time to write something so malicious. The intent was clearly to cause you pain. For that I'm sorry!

marilyn said...

Dear Corey,
Well, you're definitely going to get an increase of "comment" on this particular blog.(small joke)
I was completely aghast to read such ugly, untrue words written
by "anonymous". She sounds mental.
Of course, i have no degree in psychology, but i have caught Dr.Phil a time or two. So, this is my take on it. She put you on a pedestal, relying on each blog as if it were her only sustenance in life. when your blogging came less often, she took it as a personal snubbing.(sounds like high school)
Anyway, she was hurt enough to go picking through everything you wrote in the past, then skewed it from her perspective and hurled it right back at you. (how time consuming)
"Constructive criticism" should only be received from people we know, love, and respect--not from total strangers.
The only thing i have ever gathered from your blogs are that you are a gentle-spirited person with an humble heart and a strong love for her family.
Chin up, and press on. You are an inspiration to many.
God says to "pray for our enemies."
Looks like you have someone on your prayer list.
love, marilyn

Anonymous said...

I agree with Edina too. Whoever left you that comment obviously has issues of their own to work through. If I relied on feedback/comments from my blog to keep me going, I would have quit months ago. LOL. Soldier on my friend!

erika said...

I agree with the other posts, just delete the post and move on. You have every right to toot your horn and I have never gotten the impression that you were full of yourself or were implying that you better than the rest of us. Don't really understand while this person would use so much time and energy to write this and at the same time, read your blog religiously. Seems a bit hypocritical doesn't it? Please don't change you, your blog or your artwork for one person. It is soooo not worth it.

donnaj said...

i wouldn't worry about it-i don't post every day either, and most of the blogs i read don't, but they are there for my enjoyment when there is something new. The fact that it was annonymous says something too~and i don't think you have a "big head" nor do postings come across that way~just keep on being you.

Sweet Petunia said...

I don't know why anyone would slam someone on their blog and then leave it anonymous. I love your artwork and enjoy my pieces. I have never read anything that I interpreted like this other reader.

lindaharre said...

Corey.........If a person reads back through your posts I do believe that they will see the real "Corey"! If one takes one post or even a sentence out of context it can be interpreted in several ways.....the truth is in the entire picture! I love your work and always have! I don't always write either.....sometimes just a lack of something to say other than....Wonderful, Fabulous, precious or spectacular:) Those words come to mind every time I visit, but something clever and witty are not always on the tip of my I just don't write:) I will be better so that you know I have been there:D

sarah aaron said...

Dear Corey, as you well know, I have already dubbed you "genius!" I look at your artwork and it does miraculous things in my head. I am about 20 years older than you and I offer these few observations. First off, I would not expect you to blog everyday. You are a mother of young boys...that right there says so much. They come first on your to do list. This is obvious from all one can see in the art your create for them. Second, I like the thing you said about not always having anything to say on your blog. Thank goodness you are not turning your wonderful blog into a dumping ground for all the filler that goes on in all our brains. Please keep sharing the morsels. And do it at your own pace. I check back and if nothing's new, I simply move pressure. As for having the big head, I never in all the blogs I've read of yours, come away feeling like you think you are all this and that. I've read all your blogs...everyone and I don't get that from you. I love that you are excited about your life and your work. There is nothing "big headed" about telling us about your latest adventures. WE LOVE IT!
Also, I can't speak for other artists but I find that when I make something for my family, I tend to put more energy into it. This is natural and you are creating art work for your boys that will make them filthy rich someday. You go girl!
Your regular work is great too, never doubt that! Finally, I don't think we are all equally talented when it comes to art. We are different as artists but you know yourself that sometimes you run across art that just makes you want to cry with joy.I don't know what that is but I know it when I see it. Isn't it weird that a negative person making negative comments can get such attention? But isn't it also wonderful to see how many people, including myself, love you and want to bolster you up from this junk? Keep up the good work!

Gypsy Purple said...

I only now see this post....just remember: "Eagles don`t catch flies!!!"

monique(moki) said...

catching up on my blog reads...sorry, but this commentor is obviously oblivious thatthere could be more than one reason why people comment or not...theirs is simply THEIR opinion and reason...I find that you are a successful and talented artist and really dont feel that my comments make any significance one way or another in your life...which they shouldn't ;)

And perhaps I am wrong LOL BECAUSE I myself wonder how I have so often wondered why my lurkers take the time to read my blog but never comment ;)

Dawn said...

Don't let this anonymous commenter occupy any more time in your thoughts! If she was SO upset about your blog, why did she continue reading? Sounds like she needs help!

I read your blog because I love your artwork and insight. I haven't commented for quite some time and for that I apologize. I think the summer does get slower with blogs because the kids are out of school and many people go on vacations, etc. I've been getting a few more comments on my blog lately, but every comment is so appreciated, so I know what you mean. We put ourselves out there on our blogs and the feedback makes us feel a little better about doing that. I'm with Edina: the negative comments, especially by the anonymous, say something about THAT person, not you. Just keep doing what you're doing. We love it!

lk said...

ditto, ditto, ditto. IGNORE that comment.

jealousy,low self esteem, and frankly, unkindness. None of which you deserve to have directed at you.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Corey,
I'm sorry that happened to you. It is so clear to me that her comment was not about you--it was about her and her jealousy. I feel embarrassed for her. The fact that she could not even own her comment (by being anonymous) confirms that even more so.


Rose said...

I am another "Silent regular" of your blog. I check in probably once or twice a week. I rarely leave comments, but I'd like to respond to your latest entry.
I, for one, get a lot of value and inspiration from your blog. I look forward to your posts, and although I don't know you, you seem like a very nice person. I'm not sure where this other reader came up with her comments, but those are her opinions and she's entitled to them. What I wonder is, if she doesn't enjoy your blog, then why does she read it, and why bother to leave a negative comment? that doesn't make any sense to me. I hope you continue the great work, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new home!

lauren said...

Ahhh my dear Corey,
Just caught up on what is going on with you! So sorry that this happened and I sincerely hope that you have moved on and don't think about it. So sad, what a waste of time.

Love your work--ALL your work and man oh man, love looking at those babies you produce! Just so stinkin' cute!!


Jen B said...

I just linked to your blog from Artsy Mama's. I've seen and enjoyed your work in Somerset Studio. I can't understand why some people feel it necessary to make negative comments on other people's personal blogs. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and creativity--so many of us really appreciate it!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Your work *rocks*. It's heartfelt, it's unique, it's you. I have NEVER ever felt that you had a "big head" 'cause if I thought you did, I wouldn't be checking in on your blog.
Ya know you don't have to blog daily and that a lot of people do not comment on everything :) I lurk a LOT and rarely comment. So "we", your readers, are out there.
Just breathe and move on...keep doin' what you do best and don't worry about the blog world :)
Sheesh, ALL of your artwork looks like you've put a ton of heart and time into it.
Someone was having a bad day with that comment!
I am looking forward to your book!!

Elizabeth said...

You've had such a busy year with a cross country move and a new baby and the book! I think people with empty lives tend to forget how hard it is to sit down and post something meaningful. I've been reading your blog for over a year and Ive never known you to be anything but humble and gracious. You took the time to answer questions and encourage me when I was trying to create. Not all artists would have done as much