Sunday, June 03, 2007

Noah's Baptism

Little Noah was baptized a couple weeks ago, and I finally got around to "journaling" about it in his book. Actually, this is the first spread in a while in one of the kids' books where I didn't actually journal. There's a little bit of text from a card he received that says "tiny child of God" and I wrote the names of his godparents as well, but that's it. Once I was finished with the artwork of the piece, it just didn't seem to need anything extra to tell the story. Here's the spread- doesn't he look cute in his little "bonnet"? It was his Daddy's when he was baptized!


giffin7923 said...

Corey, It's just gorgeous! And you are right, it needs nothing more. I've been enjoying your blog very much and look forward to your book coming out! Diana

Cheryl said...

Hi Corey,

Love your work! What a wonderful commemorative for a baptism.
Found out about you via Jamie's post at Tales from the Terra-Cottage.
Hope you don't mind but the two of you inspired a little feature.