Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Book for Noah

I had to send Riley's and Noah's books off to California because they are going to appear in one of Somerset's publications (not sure which one yet). Luckily, I was just finishing both books, meaning that I had run out of pages. So that means new books for both of them!

This will be Riley's fourth book, and Noah's second. There's something exciting, but also somewhat scary, about starting a new book for me. It's exciting because the book is fresh and clean and open to possibilities. But at the same time, that also scares me a bit. Do I want to take a new direction with this book? Make new "rules" for myself for this book? Try a different size or shape? I'm pretty anal-retentive, so I sort of want the whole book to be pretty consistent from one page to the next. So that first page is pretty important to me!

Well, this spread I did in Noah's book couldn't have gone any better for a first page. I chose the same size for both of their books (a little larger than Riley's previous book and a little smaller than Noah's previous book), and it seems the perfect size for me. It felt very comfortable to work in, and I'm extremely pleased with the results!

The spread is about how quickly Noah seems to be growing, and how I'm sad to already be putting clothes in the "too small" box! Having another child to take care of certainly makes the time seem to go more quickly than it did when I just had one...

And I'm not trying to add more fuel to the fire, or reopen the issue, but I just had to link to these wise words written by my friend, Tonia. She makes some excellent points!


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Corey,
I love your work! What a beautiful spread of your son!


Lilli said...

Thanks for sharing your process and your self-doubt with us. It's encouraging for me to see what great final products can emerge from or in spite of self-questioning :)

Jamie said...

I love this! Did you used a baby blanket? How smart! The boys are going to cherish these books so much Corey. Love, Jamie

A bird in the hand said...

So sweet! You do this so well, Corey.

donnaj said...

What wonderful gifts to your sons-they will treasure these one day!

Judy said...

Hi, looks wonderful as usual. Funny I always leave my first page till the very end - lol.

Cheryl said...

Lovely book Corey and thanks for the link to Tonia's wise words