Friday, May 18, 2012

Lil' Vintage Story Books #29

Welcome again to Lil' Vintage Story Books, where we share our favorite vintage children's books!

 Today's book is a cute little one called "The Little Lost Puppy", by Margaret Otto, illustrated by Jesse Spicer, and originally published in 1976.

 It's a cute story about a boy who has lost his puppy.  He asks three policemen to help him look.  (Can you imagine what a policeman would say today if you asked him to help you look for your puppy?)

The three policemen each find different things.  One finds a yellow canary that a little girl was missing,... finds a kitten that a lady is missing, and one finds lots of animal tracks behind Mr. Dump's house.  Everyone in the town is concerned!

 Then Mr. Dump comes up with his big watchdog.  He is very grumpy!

 His dog has spent the morning chasing other animals around the yard, thus all the animal tracks!  First the kitten was chasing the canary, then the puppy was chasing the kitten, then the watchdog was chasing the puppy!

 The policemen reprimand everyone, and tell them to keep their animals where they belong!

 Thank you, Mr. Policemen, for helping Tommy find his puppy!

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Next week will be the last Lil' Vintage Story Books party for a while.  I am going to take a break for the summer.  We will be in and out of town, and with three little ones at home, I know I will have a difficult time keeping up with it!  If anyone is interested in continuing on your own blog, let me know, and I can hand over the reigns to you!


My Vintage Mending said...

I was drawn to the size of the policemen...perhaps too many donuts? Funny the mom had a parakeet visit her bird feeder last summer. No lie he was loose from a neighbor. They never found him. Cute book...smiles..Renee

OliversForest said...

Cute book! Enjoy your summer! I will miss your posts!

Kim K. said...

How sweet is that spotted puppy. Have a fabulous summer. I will look forward to your posts whenever they strike.

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Beautiful illustrations! Oh! I'll miss you these weeks! I'm very happy having found your blog and the bloggers that share such wonderful books. I'll continue in touch when you come back, happy holidays!
Besos from Argentina. Silvina.

vintage grey said...

Oh, such a sweet story Corey!! My favorite picture is of the canary, cat, and dog chasing each other!! So sweet!! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather