Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Handsome Birthday Boy and Other Stuff

Yes, this handsome boy turned 6 yesterday!  He obliged me with a little birthday photoshoot.  I'm usually lucky to get him to smile for one photo, but he gave me bunches of the handsomest smiles yesterday!  I love this kid-
Happy Birthday, Riley!


 And, just for fun, here are another couple of cute pictures. 

 Here's Noah, being his usual happy self.  Whereas I usually have to bribe Riley for a smile, Noah smiles for photos like nobody's business!

And here's a shot from a Halloween event we went to.  Avery's costume for Halloween night involves a sweatshirt, but it was 85 degree on this afternoon, so I improvised with her kitty outfit and some kitty ears attached to barrettes.

Little stinker!!!

And we have a winner for the Mingle giveaway!  Congratulations SewGrown!  I will be emailing you shortly with details!  Thanks to everyone for entering!

I'll be back tomorrow with a Little Vintage Style post- such a cute little oufit this week!!


A bird in the hand said...

Happy Birthday to Riley. That smile and those dimples...oh! xoxo

My Vintage Mending said...

The six photo is brilliant. I love all the colors that your photos come out in...Boys are darling and she is just as cute as they come...smiles...Renee

Jennifer Wilson said...

awww... glad she's getting use out of her kitty outfit! can't get over how cute it is on her!