Sunday, January 29, 2012

Awesome Thrift Find! (And One Question Answered)

 I recently had such a fun thrift score!  You may recognize my boys' room from their room tour, but one thing that's changed is their new bedding!

 I found a matching pair of vintage bedspreads for $6 each, in the perfect colors for their room!  

I didn't dislike their old bedding, but how could I resist this cuteness???  And now we've got a couple choices, if they get bored and want a change.

So far though, they love the new bedding.  It's very lightweight (like a sheet), and they prefer that to the thicker comforters we used to have.

It even has this cute blue and green fringe around the edges.

 Seriously, how adorable is that zebra?  And the porcupine?

I'm so glad that I still have some amount of control over the kids' decor.  I'm cherishing it while I do, because I know my time is short-lived! 

And I thought I'd also answer one of the questions from my previous post

Renee asked:  Have you always collected/saved the vintage goodies? 

I'd say that I've always been interested in vintage things.  When I was young, I collected dolls and teddy bears and dollhouses, and I always gravitated towards the "old" ones.  Then as I got older and began decorating my own places, I tended towards items that looked aged or old.  The same went for my artwork- I tried to make my art look aged and worn, and often used vintage ephemera.  My vintage OBSESSION didn't really flourish until I had kids though!  Once I began decorating nurseries and doing baby journals, I "discovered" my true passion- vintage baby's and children's items!  And my love for dolls and dollhouses was renewed once I found out I was having a daughter (I SO needed a daughter!!)  And that brings us to today.  I have a feeling that even once my KIDS outgrow it, I'll still be collecting vintage children's items- I can't see MYSELF ever outgrowing it!


Anonymous said...

those bedspreads are killer!! have you taken pic of miss a's bedroom? i would loveto see her space too!

My Vintage Mending said...

Those are the sweetest bedspreads. I remember my mom calling them that. Fringe and all. I think the bed linens are one of the best values still at the thrift. I have always had an affinity for vintage yummies but nursery items have become my weakness over the past 10 years and I fear it will never end...thank heavens...Smiles...Renee

Kim K. said...

Love the fringe on your sons bedspreads. The patterns/colors were made for their room!!

Manda said...

i found a kids chair a while back that had that exact same fabric on the chair bottom!! i love it!!

gabrielle said...

oohh I love them and your boys room...somehow I had missed the room tour so had to go back and look. The fringe is definately an awesome detail. As part of our renovation this year I get to make a boys room and am looking out for the perfect vintage bed covers

Julie Danielle said...

Oh I love those colors! Those are sweet. I love finding really cool stuff at thrift stores or garage sales.

Jennifer Wilson said...

oh my! the matching bedspreads... what a super fun find! i love them!