Friday, January 13, 2012

Lil' Vintage Story Books #12

Welcome again to Lil' Vintage Story Books, where we share our favorite vintage children's books!

This week I'm featuring a little book that I received in the mail yesterday from Renee!  (If you haven't been to Renee's blog, you must go- every post she does is full of eye candy!!)  She was so sweet to send me several vintage books for my boys and an adorable little apron for Avery.  But first let's focus on the book.  It's an old Bugs Bunny story called "Bugs Bunny Hangs Around", from 1957.  When I showed the boys the books Renee had sent, this was the first one they chose.

 It really brings me back to read Bugs Bunny.  Remember when Loony Tunes was one of the only choices for cartoons after school?

 And Petunia Pig!  I'd forgotten about her!

It's harder than you think to do Elmer Fudd's voice!  The kids couldn't figure out why I was talking that way!

 Porky and Petunia set up a trap to catch Bugs, because he was stealing all the carrots...

When we were done reading, the boys were talking about how Elmer and the pigs were mean to Bugs.  It made me realize how foreign Bugs Bunny is to them- their take on the book was that Bugs was the good guy (even though he was sneaking the carrots).  They don't have the history of knowing how Bugs is ALWAYS being mischevous, and that we really are supposed to be happy when he "gets what he deserves"! 

Now, I also mentioned that Renee sent Avery a little apron.  It is was the sweetest thing (here are Renee's original photos from her post), but unfortunately it was a little short for her.  It barely covered her tummy!  So I dug into my vintage fabric stash and lengthened it up for her!  My seamstress skills are not up to par with Renee's; nevertheless, I still think it turned out pretty cute after the minor alterations! 

 She was not into modeling right after her nap...

...but a few Goldfish crackers later (the never-fail toddler bribe), and she was all smiles!

Thank you again, Renee!  As you can see, we enjoyed all of your gifts!


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Anonymous said...

I remember this book! how cute is this series!

Kim K. said...

I'll have to dig out some of my bugs bunny books sometime. I bet neither of my girls has ever seen one of those cartoons. Makes me feel old. Darling apron...especially on your sweet model. Happy Friday! Thanks for hosting another fun party.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh Miss Avery you wear that so well. Corey I love all your additions. They were meant to be. I just knew your boys would love those books. Cartoons just aren't the same anymore...I will be back this the way I would love a playdate in that cute kitchen....smiles...Renee

Anonymous said...

Hi, I linked up my Walter Piper Gateway to Storyland, Story One. Hoping to do a story each week from this great book from my childhood. Thanks for hostessing. Hugs ~ Mary

MissShapes said...

All I can say is I LOVE the richness and color of the 50s/60s children's illustrations! This book is cool...a great find!

That apron is soo darling on Avery! I love the pattern!

birdie blue said...

darling book review. your little miss avery looks adorable in her newest apron. so sweet.


Betsy said...

Your Avery makes a cute model in her new apron! One of my new year's goals is to get organized enough to link up with your Lil' Vintage Storybooks again!

ingrid said...

As a kid I always loved seeing down inside Bugs house. I remember wondering how on earth he got all the furniture down there!