Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miss Avery's Book

Oh my, I have really fallen behind working in the kid's journals.  With new school schedules this year, I'm having a hard time finding art-making time.  When I create, I like to have uninterrupted blocks of time, but I've lost those due to our schedule.  Nevertheless, I've found some time recently to do a couple spreads in Avery's book.

The first is about her first haircut.  She just got a little trim to clip some of the scraggly baby ends off, but it was a fun event!  She did so well (because she watched big brothers get their haircuts first), and looked so cute sitting up in the seat!  I attached a bit of her hair to the page just like I did in Riley's and Noah's first haircut pages.

Next is a page about her love of pizza.  Every single time she sits down for a meal, she asks for "zah!", literally.  She LOVES it (can't say that I blame her!). 

I know I've mentioned it here before, but I'm so torn about how to continue with these journals.  I love that I've done them, and I love looking through them, but it's becoming such a struggle to keep up with them.  The last spread I did for Riley was when he turned five (15 months ago!).  Noah turns five next month, so I'm considering stopping his then as well. 

I'm looking into Project Life as a way to continue.  This looks like a quick, simple way to do a child's journal- I could get as artistic as I want with it, without feeling too overwhelmed.  And I could easily go back and catch up with the time that I've missed with Riley.  Have any of you done Project Life?  Any thoughts?


Jennifer Wilson said...

never heard of it but sounds like it might be a good alternative for you! your journals are amazing!

Daniele Valois said...

yay, happy me! You know I love the journal pages.

I was actually going to come here and tell you what I"m doing and my plans for memory keeping. Yes on Project Life!!! That is one. So right now, when my olders were little, they each had a book, and then I make yearly scrap books each year. This has changed. My last full full scrap book was in 2007. I actually JUST completed it! At the same time I am working on an altered digi book for 2008. This altered book I used templates I bought, so the whole book is very uniform, but very cool and easy too. When I am done, hopefully soon, I am going to get it printed, and then I am going to go through and hand journal, and add things like a little paint and washi tape etc to decorate it up my style. I plan on doing 2009 in a project life form until I catch up. Also 2009 is when my last baby was born, so when it happens, I am going to make her an art journal like you do, for her first year. I just feel this digi book and something like project life can be done with busy lives, yet still have your own personal flare! I don't ever want to stop creating with my pictures though. I think it is the most important thing I do creatively and I this year I want to re-focus on that aspect of art. wow, long comment!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Corey I did baby to toddler books of each. Then I did a preschool book combined. Then all of them got an elementary book (only one is finished though)! At the middle school age I started putting them into a family album. It really is hard to keep up. Now you see why I moved to fabric? These are gorgeous and yummy like za! Renee

Kim K. said...

The last album I did was our trip to China to adopt Josie (nearly 4 years ago). I'm terrible about keeping up with our photo albums. The blog has become our family photo album. Your work is just gorgeous.