Thursday, March 09, 2006

Corners of My Home

I was pleased to receive this lovely piece from Delila in the mail yesterday! I love the "egg" shapes in the background, and the color is a gorgeous shade of teal. Teals and aquas are my favorite colors lately! I promptly hung it in our guest bathroom off of one of the light bulbs above the mirror. Thank you for such a beautiful piece, Delila!

Which leads me to this week's "corners of my home". I sort of took liberty with the subject and did a "room" in my home. This guest bathroom is the only room in our house right now where anything in bright pastels matches. See Delila's piece hanging up there? The shower curtain (I guess none of the photos shows it...actually, there're a couple photos on my website) has pinks, aquas, and teals in it. I love these colors and have several pieces of art which use this pallette, but as you can see, the room cannot hold much more art. So I've got to figure out how to incorporate some of these colors into some of the other rooms in my house so that as I collect more bright pastelly art, it has a place to go! Don't pay too much attention to the white walls (eek!) or the cheapo light fixture- both those things will change before I'm done with the room. Just haven't decided what color to paint and and what style of light fixture to buy. Anyway, I love the bright cheeriness in this room, and I love looking at all the fun art in there!
I'm working on my necklace holder today, so I'll post photos tomorrow when it's done!


delila said...

I am so glad that you liked what I made for you :)
Your home is truly beautiful!

annax said...

Oooo lovely art everywhere!