Sunday, March 12, 2006

Supplies on Ebay!

I am listing a set of assemblage/altered art supplies on Ebay right now. It's a huge assortment of 3-D items that I do not need anymore. It kills me to think about how much it's all worth, because I know I won't get even close on Ebay, but anything is better than them sitting in my studio, not being used! So, if you're into that sort of thing, go bid, or if you have a blog and think your readers may be interested, tell them to go bid! Hey, I'll take all the free advertising I can get!

So, yesterday, I took a trip to T.J.Maxx... I really shouldn't have, because I have a terrible weakness for stores like that (Ross, Marshall's, Tuesday Morning). Well, here's what I came back with. Three gorgeous pillows, an aqua blue shelf, and two glittery eggy sort of garland things. Aren't they just scrumptious all together? The problem with it is that I really don't have a place in mind for any of it! We're sort of in the process of decorating our master bathroom, so hopefully they can find their way in there somewhere. But don't you agree that it all was just too good to pass up, even if they don't have a spot yet?

And finally, Riley had a little photo shoot in the glorious morning light of our bedroom the other day. Here are some of my favorites (believe me, it was hard to choose... there are about 30 more that aren't posted!).


LuvSeals Soaps said...

oh my gosh, your baby is so beautiful!

goochie goochie goo!

sorry, I couldn't help it.

I love what you're doing, and I really encourage you to press on. I am doing something similar with my sons, offering handmade soaps & gift baskets online via my site.

Ulla said...


Lesley Riley said...

Corey - I just stumbled upon your blog in a most erratic way, but I am so happy I did. Riley is GORGEOUS! Congratulations on this perfect little man.

Loved reading your thoughts on creativity too - creative vs artful - good thinking!