Friday, March 10, 2006

Necklace Holder

I made this necklace holder yesterday, jumping off from an idea I got from Pam's blog. My necklaces have been hanging on a doorknob since we moved into the new house (last May!), so I was in desperate need of a better solution. In the old place, I hung them from nails on the wall, but I was never real happy with that method. What's sort of sad though is that I never have the opportunity to wear any necklaces anymore since I'm just sitting at home in sweats the majority of days! Oh well, at least they have a pretty place to hang until I'm wearing them regularly again. I love how this turned out, and how I can tuck little photos, etc. into the middle hook. Jason isn't crazy about it- I just can't seem to convert him to a lover of vintage, shabby chic style, unfortunately- but he's a man, so what do you expect? Thanks for the inspiration, Pam!

Also, here are some more snippets from the artsy questionnaire for Rice Freeman-Zachery. There were two pages to it, and this is the second page.

I'm off to my old job today for a few hours, to help out with a couple projects and make a few extra dollars. I have to bring Riley along, so we'll see how that goes. He's a very good baby, but more than three or four hours could be asking a lot of him!


Ulla said...

Very fun Corey, you have inspired me too... I just got your lovely collages in the mail, will try to post tomorrow. Thank you again...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

clever clever, makes me think of the things I could use as hooks other than hooks...wouldn't crystal stoppers be divine!

Sofia Barao said...

beautiful, loved it :) and my husband doesn't likes the shabby style too, uhmm guess this summer he will not have a choice :)

You have inspired me also :)
love your work