Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fun Mail Day!

Today I received a fun package from Linda! She sent me an envelope full of trash! Teehee- not really! She sent me a whole load of fabric scraps from her quilting stash- stuff that was destined for the trash, but that she knew some crazy artist would be interested in! And crazy artist that I am, I loved it and actually went as far as to organize it into separate piles! Here's a photo of my favorites. As I told Linda, the fact that many of the pieces are strips is perfect, since I specifically use strips for a lot of my projects! Thank you, Linda!!

And here is this week's corner. Not terribly exciting, but I like it. It's a shelf that hangs above the bed in our guest bedroom. In this particular photo is a piece of art that I did and one of my favorite little nudes. It's a gorgeous verdigris green. As always, ignore the white walls- they'll be painted at some point! You can see more of this room on my PictureTrail site if you're interested.

I made some more progress on my inventory for the craft fair today. Finished the majority of the sewing needed for the Pixie Sticks- next comes stuffing and inserting the sticks. Boy, once these are done, I think I'll be done with them for a while! I am just not a "production-line" kind of girl. I get bored with things quickly, so making the same thing over and over and over can be draining! But hey, if I can make some money at this fair, I guess it will be worth it!


lindaharre said...

glad they finally arrived! if you need more just let me know:) happy sewing........thanks for the advice on "bunny". i appreciate all the comments....that will help me to get the job done. ~L.

ULLA said...

One woman's trash is another womans treasure... delightful...