Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Art Raffles

Many of you may know about this, but in case you don't, check out this link for a chance to buy tickets for a series of art raffles. These raffles are to raise money for Sara Hopp's husband, who has a brain tumor. If you aren't familiar with Sara, she owns the website Manto Fev, which is fantastic place to buy collage materials. Sara is great, and her website is even greater- a definite must-have in your "favorites" list for art supplies. Anyway, there are some great prizes offered by some well-known artists, and a chance to help a family in need. The deadline is May 5th. Check it out!


Sofia Barao said...

Thanks Corey, just bought a ticket to Claudine's Poppets :)

Rosa said...

What a wonderful site and also a great idea for the raffle. I purchased items from the store...then mosied over and purchased lots of raffle tickets (had to do the 6 artsies for $20!). I hope someone we know gets something so we can show & tell. And all for a good cause. Thanks Corey for the tip.