Monday, May 01, 2006

How Can I Not Be Inspired Now?

Yesterday, I decided to spruce up my little studio space. All of my supplies are kept in a walk-in closet in our guest bedroom, but I usually do my work at a little table right outside the closet. The table is something Jason made several years ago out of a solid-core door and some table legs, but it's never been painted or stained. And there is a shelf with some drawers hanging above that was also unfinished. I unfortunately didn't take a "before" photo, but here is an older photo of the area.

So I painted both the table and the shelf. The table is now a sort of lime color with a pale blue-green wash over it. Unfortunately, the pictures don't do it justice! It's really a fun, fresh, springy color. And the shelf is now a dusty purple with rusted handles (I still need to add the labels).

I also decided to make a "memo board" to fit behind the table. I'm always accumulating bits of paper (aren't we all?), and never have a place to store them. Perfect! This was really easy to make, and I just used leftover fabric from the duvet cover I made for our master bedroom.

I then scrounged around the house for some more attractive containers to hold supplies on the table, and put them all on a long metal "tray" that had been sitting in a closet, just waiting for the perfect use!

Finally, I hung some fabric along the bottom of the shelf. There's a light mounted there that is sort of distracting-I need it to work, but it starts to hurt my eyes after a while. So this will shield my eyes from the brightness. The final touch was to add the word "Inspiration" right in the middle, because as the title of this post reads, how can I not be inspired now??


Rosa said...

You are good! Beautiful!

ramona said...

wow. what a great working space you have. can one not be inspired there. lovely :-)

ULLA said...

Lovely - are you always this organized? very admirable! my space seems to always be in complete chaos! very cozy and very you!

kathy welsh said...

Corey, I love your blog! Haven't been to visit your picturetrail site in awhile and visited yesterday. Great new work and photos! I also felt moved by your new paintings posted on the blog. The colors, the feel of them; they're lovely.

I've been inspired by your studio photos as well. Am going into my studio (aka junkroom right now!) to start organizing.

I've posted your blog in my links section on my blog, Check it out if you like.

Have a great day! Kathy

♥ joleen ♥ said...

It looks so great! I hope you find much inspiration in your beautiful space!