Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Recent (Color-Coordinated) Acquisitions

First of all, thank you to those of you who sent me well wishes on my awful cold! Today it seems to be starting to subside, thank goodness, and (crossing my fingers), it doesn't seem to have been passed to Jason or Riley as of yet.

So I've bought some new "favorites" lately that I haven't yet shown here. As I was looking at them to take photographs, I realized how color-coordinated they are! Unfortunately, I guess that means I'm following the trends, which I'd kind of prefer not to do, but oh well, when you love something, you love it!

First off, the clothes. I am so in love with this bird t-shirt from Old Navy that I almost don't want to ever wear it so that it doesn't wear out! The colors and image are just so perfect! Of course, I really could make one of my own using the freezer paper technique everyone's talking about, but for $6 (on sale), how could I resist? Also from Old Navy is the striped skirt that I drooled over when those commercials were playing ad nauseum. Again, it was also on sale- only $10! And the sweet yellow-green skirt w/blue trim comes from Ross, one of my very favorite stores.

Then, the vintage thrift finds. There's a darling little doll chair that I have no idea what to do with, but I just had to have. By the way, I'm really digging vintage doll furniture lately- dressers, appliances, etc. A lot of it can be pretty pricey though, so I haven't broken down and purchased anything (other than this chair which was only $8). I just can't justify it with a little boy, but I am really going to be in trouble if we ever have a girl!

Also at the same place, I found this great fabric- blue with plum-colored outlines around the animals. There's not much of it though, so I'll have to really think about how to use it. And I couldn't resist this sweet baby nightgown. Most likely I'll end up cutting it up for the fabric, which is adorable, but maybe I'll dress a teddy bear with it in the meantime...

And, for those that are interested, here is a progress photo of some of the frames I'm plugging away at. I'm making more than I need for the article for Somerset, so that I have a few to choose from. Those that don't get sent away I'll list for sale!


cori said...

Nice finds, that doll chair is precious!

tararossstudios said...

It's SO wierd that you talked about vintage doll furniture. I've been coveting them lately on ebay, just haven't bought any yet. I had a tin doll house when I was growing up and I loved the furniture the best.

ArtsyMama said...

LOVE the frames...gorgeous!!! I have the same bird shirt from Old Navy and wear it all the time:) I've been into the same colors. Very springy!!! Great minds think alike:)

Lilli said...

I love that combination of the warmer avocadoey colour with the cooler turquoise! I'm glad it's trendy right now. Hmm, maybe I should go shopping today..... :)

Sofia Barao said...

love the one with the birdy :) Thank you also so much for your words on my post, I was on one of does days where the need of a baby was the only thing I had in mind, but fortunatly I'm not like that every day and because I work with kids every day I think that I have this kind of feeling more and more often now than before.Let's just see what the future will bring to me :)
Thanks :)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wow! Cute clothes! I think I need to visit Old Navy! Maybe you should go back and buy one more of those birdy t-shirts- for $6 more it could last twice as long. So many times I've wished I've done just that because something unfortunate happened to one of my favorite peices of clothing!

I just love the frames you make!