Thursday, May 18, 2006

Corner of My Home

Sorry I've been a little lazy with the blogging lately. I've been busy trying to get all these frames done for the Somerset article. And to add to it, Riley's been having a rough couple weeks. For the most part, he's an excellent baby, but every so often, he goes through a short phase of not wanting to take naps. So no naptime for him means no Mommy time at all! But things are looking up- he took all his naps today-so hopefully normalcy is around the corner!

Here is a wall in our loft/TV room. It's a mixture of a variety of pieces. I love the way all the textures and colors blend together.

First is the large piece. This is a piece I saw on Ebay a couple years ago. I loved it, but it was priced higher than I wanted to bid. Fortunately, nobody else bid either, and the seller relisted it at a lower price. So I bid and won! It's such a nice mix of texture and muted colors, and I love the architectural images showing through. After I received the piece, I asked the seller whether he'd be selling any more, since I liked this one so much. He told me that he just doesn't make enough money selling them on Ebay, so this was the last one he'd sell there- I guess I lucked out!

On the left is a piece by Phoenix Forrester. I just love her style- I have several little pieces by her! I bought this from her at Artfest a couple years ago. Above it is a little tin nicho with dried roses inside.

And on the right is a piece I did several years ago while I taught a nicho class at Artfest. It was just a piece I was working on while the students were working, so I wasn't giving it my full attention, but I was really pleased with the way it turned out. In fact, it's one of my favorite pieces now! Now that I think about it, I don't think I have a photo of this on my website. I'll have to add one.

Tomorrow I hope to finish all the frames. When I have a moment, I'll try to post some photos!


ashley said...

You seem very talented.

lindaharre said...

Corey..........I love your piece! Is that metal or just painted with metallic paint? I love the recessed areas. Really COOL! Love your frames also. Congrats on Summerset publication. I will bet they take whatever you send and publish them all:) Good Luck!