Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fun Mail Day!

Yesterday, Jason brought in the mail and in it were four packages for me! Hooray! First, and most exciting, was a package from Corey. I had completely forgotten that we were doing a trade (I sent her a Pixie Stick), so it was a package I wasn't expecting. In it was a wonderful assortment of vintage lace and papers-yum! I'm sure you'll be seeing bits and pieces show up in my art.

Next was an Ebay win I've been waiting for. It is a yard of fabric. Isn't this the cutest? And such wonderful colors! Another to add to my pile of "soft books to make". It will be perfect for a book because of the "story-telling" sorts of images.

Then a package from each of my sisters-belated birthday gifts! My sister, Katie, had some stamps made from a photo of Riley. I've thought of doing this myself, but never got around to it. What a neat idea for a gift though! And my sister, Julia, sent two carved pieces of wood- I think they were used for printmaking or something similar. Wow! Maybe they're finally starting to "get" me, because these are all things I would have picked out myself!

So, being me (and what a fun ride that is sometimes!), I couldn't just leave things as they were. I wasn't sure where to display the carved pieces, and they were so dark it was hard to see the details, so I decided to make some alterations! I hope my sister doesn't mind, but I'm sure it's something she'd almost expect of me. Anyway, a

little paint and some wire, and I now have two really cute photoframes! I love them!

And by the way, isn't that photo of Riley a nice one? It's amazing how playing around with the contrast and color on a photo can change it. That photo was originally in color, and he was wearing bright pajamas, and now it looks like a studio portrait!

That's it for today- tomorrow I hope to get a Father's Day present made!


lindaharre said...

THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR PRESENTS! The fabric is great....never seen anything like it! and oh, what darling frames those turned out to be! like you need another frame:) looks like a really nice day for surprises........~L.

cori said...

Wow, such wonderful mail! Can't wait to see what you do with those treasures from Corey!

Sofia Barao said...

Lucky you :) everything's beautiful and love what you did to the carved pieces :)

Tricia Scott said...

you have inspired me! recently i was in this old country store and they had a similar carved piece but i didn't get it because the store only accepted cash and there i was with only my debit card. you've got me thinking that perhaps i should go back and see if it's still there.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. i find myself coming again and again to visit your blog-it's such a treat!

Ulla said...

What an inspiration Corey! I love the way you freely painted the wood stamps and made them your own! And what goodies from France -- Wowsa!