Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Frames For Sale!

I've just added some new frames for sale to my Picturetrail site! These are ones that I am not sending to Somerset Studio for the article, so they are available immediately. Once I get the others back from them, I'll list them as well, but I have no idea what the timing will be on that.

If you'd like one, email me at I will mark them "sold" as they sell- first come, first served! Shipping will be $9 each. I can take Paypal at the above email address or write me for my snail mail address to send a check.

In other notes, I am just itching to get some other art-making in now that I've finished this batch of frames, but it may have to wait for my many other obligations to be finished. We'll see...maybe I'll try to sneak a piece in this week if I seem to be running ahead of schedule!

$30-4x6 photo
$33-4x6 photo
$30-4x6 photo




$38- 2 4x4 photos


$33- 2 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 photos


Amy said...

These are great, Corey! I am totally in LOVE with the one with the glittery blue star...just wonderful.

Gina said...

Wow, those are absolutely amazing. You are so very talented!

kathy welsh said...

hi Corey!

love the frames! Cant' wait to see the article in Somerset!

Hey, I'm getting ready to put together the tables for my studio, and I wondered what you used for the tabletops in your old studio. Are those doors, or were they pre-made tables that you got at an unfinished furniture store? I'm hoping to get my materials today, so if you get a chance to drop me an email today, that would be great. Thanks, Corey, have a great day!! Kathy

cori said...

The frames are beautiful Corey. I just got mine, I love it!!!

kat said...

Your work is beautiful! I'd love to see your business cards!

kat said...

I just took a look at your business cards. Do you do each one individually so that no two are the same? (By the way, I'm Cori's aunt, which is how I saw your work.)

kat said...

Do you ever make business cards for others? I need to make new ones for myself, and would want to incorporate a photograph as part of the design. If you do, about what would you charge? (I wouldn't be able to do it right away because I have to first finance a replacement of all of my stolen camera equipment, so it might not be for a few months, but I am working toward that.)

Rosa said...

They are all beautiful!!

artjunk~ said...

I LOVE your artwork!!! I love the colors and feel to all the pieces. really impressive! :)