Sunday, April 30, 2006


I usually don't get to do art on the weekends, because we're out running errands, etc. But after a morning of yardwork, it began to rain, so we decided to just stay in for the rest of the afternoon.

And so I did another painting. I'm very pleased with this one- it came a little easier than the last one. Again, it's my face, attached to a bird's body with some sort of cage around the body. Originally I intended to draw a "standard" sort of birdcage, with a flat bottom, but then this shape came to me, and it really felt right. Maybe it's because it's a little less cumbersome of a shape- I just picture this bird (me?) flying around with the cage hanging below, and this shape would allow that more so than a flat-bottomed cage- I guess it's a more aerodynamic shape!

As before though, I'm struggling with this "new" style of art. In my mind, it's completely different and separate from my typical collages, and I'd much prefer if the two could more easily meld with one another. As it is, when I sit down to work, I now have to decide between three different styles- doing a spread in Riley's book (much more of a scrapbooking style), doing a non-Riley collage, or doing a painting. I wish I could just sit down and let what happens happen, and not decide ahead of time what I'll be doing.

Oh well, I guess this is typical when your art begins to change. You need to work through the unfamiliarness, not back down, and face the challenge. And as a result, you'll hopefully become a better artist in the end... I hope you readers don't mind hearing about my struggles, and don't view me just as a complainer. Frankly, it's a little scary putting this all out for others to read, because if I chicken out and don't continue down this new path, I'm afraid I'll be viewed as a bit of a coward!


lauren Mumford said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!! That is exactly how I'm feeling Corey!! Two different styles of work that I create--the glitter and the sepia--and all I want to be able to do is mesh them together! Nina told me to stop worrying about it and just let the art "be what it is". Sound advice but hard to follow through! But I will say, that even though you may feel that they are all vastly different styles of your work, as a viewer I don't see that at all. I could very easily pick out your work from others in any of these styles. They all scream "Corey" to me. You may just have trouble seeing it that way because your thought process is caught up in the 'creating' rather than the 'creation'. I don't see the creating so all I have to define you art by is the creation itself. And it all melds together perfectly. Truly. I see no difference in signature just in format.
Great beautiful work! (as usual)


herself said...

I loved sitting down to read of your process, Corey. Your art is wonderful and I don't see anything at all wrong with setting a category for your initial direction. Your art is your art and it emerges through each thing you do. All your mediums, even when you cook and care for your family. That's the way I look at these things these days.

More art!!!

lindaharre said...

corey.....i love your images! your are so free with your paintings and i love the flow! great subject and the ever present bird cage is wonderful! keep up the good work......~L.

Erika Tysse said...

Fantastic! You are lucky that you can change between a couple styles and find yourself. Not everyone has the chance to do that (like yours truly..)!

bridgette said...

Lovely painting!

You don't sound like a complainer! You are being honest about your process and the valid fears and concerns.

I feel like I have very different styles depending on the medium that I am working with. My mixed media panels that I do with acrylics are very very different than my oil paintings even when it's a mixed media oil painting. But they are all me. I like to just think they are different facets of me, as your different styles are different facets of you.

I think it's nice to mix things up! Makes creating more interesting, doesn't it?