Saturday, April 08, 2006

Stay Tuned...

I want to thank everyone for their encouragement after yesterday's post! I know that I just need to find the right market for selling my stuff. I've had lots of interest in the frames and other items from several readers. I'm waiting to hear back from my sister as to which frames sold, so that I can let you all know which ones are available. So check back in a couple days (she's supposed to go through it all Sunday night). As soon as I know, I'll post them and start taking orders! And I think I'll also start making some more of the frames, so I'll post those as they are finished.

1 comment:

jellisy said...

Your frames are wonderful! I would like to put a reserve on the one with the bingo number B 14 or the last one in black and white. Just let me know and I will put a check in the mail!
Joan Ellis