Thursday, April 13, 2006

Corners of My Home

Here is this week's submission. This is a corner in Riley's room (obviously...). As you can see, it's where the rocking chair sits. In addition to that, there are several items there that have special meaning to me.

First is the little shelf. These bunnies are a new collection of mine. I was inspired by Alicia's post last month, in which she had a line of little animals on a shelf- just so sweet! Since Riley was born, I've sort of begun associating rabbits with him- I think because the letter "R" always shows a rabbit, but maybe it's because subconsciously I'm realizing that a rabbit is his totem animal (is that what they're called? Is rabbit even an option for a totem animal?? Anyway...). So I bid on several vintage rabbit toys on Ebay. There are a couple more coming in the mail, but I think I'll be done after those for a while- I don't want to go too crazy, not that I haven't already. The rabbits are sitting in front of a piece of art I bought from Phoenix Forrester a couple years ago. It says, "A child's immortal soul".

Next are the pieces hanging on the other wall. First, you may recognize the piece from Pam Garrison. She and I traded art, and I just adore this piece- it has a motherhood theme, and she dedicated it to Riley and me on the back, so I thought it was appropriate for Riley's room. Then, next to that is a plaque with hooks. Hanging on one of the hooks is a rust-colored hat that my dear friend, Tonia, knit for Riley, along with a darling pair of pants. Both are still a bit too big for him to wear, so I have the hat hanging here as decoration!

Finally, hanging on the dresser next to the rocking chair is the pregnancy journal I did while I was pregnant with Riley. Again, it's mostly hanging as decoration, or at the ready for anyone to sit down and look through it (frankly, the only person who ever does is me, but it's there if anyone else would like to look, too!). Once Riley's old enough to start messing with things, I'll probably have to move it so that it doesn't get damaged, but for now, it brings back nice memories for me when I see it. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but an article I wrote about this journal is going to be in Suz Simainitis' new book, Kaleidoscope.

So there's this week's corner! A special little corner in my special little guy's room!


Tonia said...

Well Riley and I may be kindred spirits—I have always felt the rabbit was MY totem animal!

Rosa said...

How sweet. What a special baby and a special room. He will grow to be very creative! Lovely.

Sofia Barao said...

sorry Corey I haven't done the colored changes in my html so I'll be doing that this afternoon and I'll send it to you just right after, ok ? :)

lindaharre said...

corey.....his room is charming the the largest sense of the word! what a lucky little boy! I am AMAZED that i don't see any of your wonderful illustrations up on his walls......what's that all about? corey, if you ever see anything on my blog that you would like to trade for....let me know! i would love to have one of your illustrations or print of....hanging on my babies room wall! THANKS for the old photos! they came yesterday and were a surprise! if you need more scraps let me know:) have a great easter with your little "rabbit"...~L.

Ulla said...

Riley will surely be an artist some day just like mom! Such a wonderful space to grow up in.