Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Look at the Skirt I Made!

Don't ask me why, but over the weekend, I decided to make myself a skirt! Last week, I bought another stack of fabrics. I found an independant craft store that also sells fabric- cheap! I swear I don't think they have anything over $4/yard (cottons), and on top of that, they were having a 20% sale! Anyway, when I got home and was looking over my selections, I saw one I had chosen that just hit me as the perfect fabric for a skirt. So I headed back to the store and bought 3 more yards (turns out that was more than enough- I probably could have gotten by with 2). I recently purchased a couple skirts from Target that I just love, so I decided to try to copy those. However, they use zippers, and that's way too advanced for me! So I altered the "pattern" so I could use elastic instead. It all went very well, with almost no problems, which is rare for my sewing- especially without a pattern! I'm actually extremely impressed with how well it came out. I see lots of cute skirts in my future....!

By the way, several of the frames have sold, but there are lots left! Check them out if you're interested!


Ulla said...

You look adorable Corey! I love to copy my favorite pieces of clothing too! I always dream of finding the 'perfect' skirt, pants, top and/or dress and then copying them in 100 different fabrics and letting the details, trims, buttons etc. be what makes them unique. So far, I have the pants and skirt, still looking for a top and dress... You did great!

Sofia Barao said...

beautiful !!! love it !!! me too I do the same ;-) this afternoon I will be changing a poncho into a cape and one white shirt and maybe also my jean blazer too ;-) it's fun hein ???? :) :)

Sofia Barao said...

Corey, it's done I've finally changed the banner and I think it's wonderful :) I found out myself and I can tell you it wasn't easy, what I'm going to do is send you my blog html language with notes on it so that you can see what I changed or if I can I will put what I've changed in anouther colour so this way you'll see it first. But Don't Forget to save your blog html first in case there's a problem ok ? :) love sofia :)