Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sisters Corner

This week's corner is in our guest bedroom. It's a spot on top of a bookshelf with photos of my two sisters and me. The one on the left is from my younger sister, Katie's, wedding. This was the first taken of the bunch. It came out so cute that when my wedding came a couple years later, we duplicated the pose but with me in the middle-the second frame over. The tall narrow frame has photos of the three of use from when we were little. And the frame on the far right is from last Christmas. We had family portraits taken, so we did a shot of the three of us together again. Hopefully, there will be another one in the future of my youngest sister, Julia's, wedding, to complete the set!

Although I live far away from them- both live in sunny Florida with me in the opposite corner of the country, in Seattle- we are all still very close. They are two of my best friends! I hope to live closer to them someday so that we can all be together again. But until then, I have this little corner to remind me of them!

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Rosa said...

How sweet! It's times like this I wish I had a sister. Love the photos.