Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little Ballerina

Ah yes, Miss Avery has started dance class!  You can imagine how exciting this was for me (notice how I said "me"!).  While she was definitely excited, I think Mommy was looking forward to the day much more than Avery was!

 I was very lucky, because I was able to get a few minutes in the room alone to take some photos of her before class started.   And then the teacher allowed the mothers to stay during class (just for the first class), so I took advantage!

 So excited!

I just love the concentration on her face above-she's trying to figure out which foot she should be tapping!

 Sweet little ballerinas in a circle!

Of course I had to make a journal spread about it!  I've had that pink tulle trim probably since she was a baby, and I've never used it!  Good thing I held onto it, because it worked perfectly on this page!

Ta Dah!  You'll see my name in lights someday, she says!

I'm linking up to Small Style this week.


A bird in the hand said...

She is radiant!
I love her. xoxo

Kim K. said...

Absolutely precious. I'm sure you are just beaming. Josie's leotard has a superwoman symbol on the front. She's not quite the prim and proper ballerina type. Avery is just a sweetheart.

vintage grey said...

Darling she is!!! xo Heather

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I want her! Haa! Seriously, what great memories and pictures! She is darling.
(I have that same pink stretchy fringe, isn't it great? )
Thanks for sharing!

Susan Liberatore said...

She is so sweet! There is NOTHING like a little girl in a ballet outfit. I danced as a young girl and I have to say when my first started dance class...I'm sure I was happier than she was. Crazy exciting!
How old is Avery now?

Lil Muse Lily said...

she is such a beauty. my Lily would be jealous if she saw this. i really got to start looking for dance classes for her...

Sarah P. Henry said...

I die for little girls in ballet. Mine is already 5.5, and has been stealing my heart in a leotard and pink tights for 2.5 years now. :)

(Love Sarah who found you via Small Style :)

Morgan said...

Ahhhh, the cuteness! Avery looks so adorable in her little leotard and like she's loving ballet!

Diane said...

Too too sweet!