Friday, September 14, 2012

New Journal Pages

It's been so long since I shared anything done in the kids' journals.  Unfortunately, that's because I haven't done a ton of work- this summer really put a damper on my creative time!  But thankfully, my artsy mojo is returning now that the kids are finally back in school.

Here are three spreads done in Avery's journal.  You should be able to click on the images to see them larger...

The first was about how much she loves miniature golf.  We took a trip to Myrtle Beach in the spring, and that place is a huge mini-golf town!  We played probably three times in a week, and she LOVED it!

The second is about potty-training.  We are finally (after almost seven years!) a diaper-free house!  Can you hear me jumping up and down over here???  My two boys trained late (a couple months after three y.o.), but we didn't have that luxury with Avery unfortunately.  She had to be potty-trained by the time school started, which was about a week after her third birthday!  She was so stubborn about it!  But thankfully, about three weeks before school started, she finally decided to do it- way to make Mommy sweat it out, Avery!

So anyway, onto the journal page.  I found the image of the little girl on the potty chair in an old baby book, and painted around Avery's photo to match it.   I notice that the vintage drawing shows a buckled strap to hold the child into the chair- that probably would have been a little helpful for me, with her stubborn-ness!!

And finally, here is her birthday spread. I used a kitty cat image from a vintage birthday card.  What's funny is that I used another image from the same card on the spread for Riley's third birthday!  I also used the pink and yellow streamers that were hanging as decoration at her little party.

Poor Avery- her little journals don't get as much attention as the boys' did when they were young, but that's always the curse of the last child, isn't it?

I've also done several spreads in the boys' Project Life scrapbooks, which I'll show you soon!


Kim K. said...

Avery will adore her special journal someday. Your details are absolutely amazing, Corey.

Karin said...

Love them all....