Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby Toys, Baby Toys, and More Baby Toys!

Since we weren't very successful finding a baby activity center yesterday, we ventured out again today. Ebay prices were so close to retail (for used) that we decided to just buy new. We went to Walmart, as much as we hate to support them, since we had seen the style we wanted on their website. In addition to the activity center, we also got a doorway jumper and a few different rattle-style toys. Boy, we are going to be in major trouble once he's a little older. There were so many cute toys, but I justified not getting them because he's not old enough to play with them yet. I wrote down the names of a couple though, and I'll look on Ebay to see if I can get them cheaper!

We put him in the activity center when we got home. He's so little in it! His feet don't reach the base and he can't really support himself very well without a blanket stuffed in there with him. He was mildly interested in the toys, but he was also somewhat fussy at the time, so I'll try again tomorrow. He didn't really get the concept of the jumper either- he mostly just hung there, but again, I'll try him again later. Anyway, at least these are toys he'll grow into and provide a change of scenery for him when he gets bored on his floor mat.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some art, so check back for photos!

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