Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Direction?

Awwwww! Is there anything sweeter than a little boy cuddling up with his Daddy? Riley's been much more cuddly lately, which just melts my heart....

Today, I took a trip to Ben Franklin and bought several pieces of fabric and some felt. Isn't it pretty? I love looking at all the colors together. A couple of these have vintage designs of little animals and nursery rhymes. Don't ask me what I plan to do with it, but I've been particularly drawn to fabric lately. I've been using some in my artwork, and also using some to make baby toys/stuffed animals. I may use this to make some more lambies and see if they'll sell on Ebay. I'd love to make a little quilt for Riley, but he has so many blankets already...

Lately, I feel like my art either is moving or needs to move in a slightly new direction. I can't tell if I've already begun the shift or if I need to do something in order to begin. I don't feel like it's getting stagnant just yet, in fact I quite like the work I've been doing lately, but I've just been so interested in other materials and other techniques lately, and I want to somehow incorporate them into my own style. That's always difficult though, because if you change too much, it doesn't feel genuine and "you". I just get so worried about becoming too formulaic and having artwork that looks like other peoples'. I hate getting stuck on a piece and having the urge to just pull out an old standard in order to fix it. Anyway, I'm not sure what this all means, but we'll see where things go.

My friend, Tara, is coming over tomorrow to do some art, so I should have something to show for it tomorrow night!

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Stacie Rife said...

The picture of your husband and Riley is absolutely adorable. How priceless!
What I would give to be a mom to a baby boy!!!
:)he is beautiful