Saturday, February 11, 2006

Semi-Productive Saturday

This morning Jason worked in the garage. He's been installing some shelves over the garage door, and finally finished this morning, so we were able to put a bunch of stuff up there and clear out the rest of the garage a bit. About half of what's up there is stuff for a future garage sale- I can't wait until summer so we can have a sale and get rid of some (or hopefully all!) of it.

While Jason worked on that, I made a little stuffed lamb from some scrap fabric. He was fairly easy to make, and now that I've got a pattern figured out, I could probably make more in different colors pretty quickly. I wonder if those would sell on Ebay? He is pictured here with a stuffed cat I made a couple weeks ago. The cat didn't go as easily as the lamb, although I do like the end product okay. Also sitting with these guys is an adorable aqua blue teddy bear I found at a consignment shop today!

So after the morning "work" was done, we went out shopping to look for a walker/activity center for Riley. He has suddenly learned how to "play" by holding things and reaching for things, etc., so I think that would be a good way to keep him occupied. We saw a couple we liked at Toys R Us, but they're so expensive, we thought we'd check at the consignment shop before we bought one. Well, no luck (although I did find the cute bear!). So we now may see if we can find one on Ebay, and if not, go ahead and purchase a new one.

On a different note, I was contacted by Rice Freeman-Zachary to answer some questionnaires about "living creatively" for a potential book she may work on. It looks interesting, so that should keep me busy!

Hope everyone's doing well!

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