Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Corner in My Home

I like the "corners of my home" posts that people do, so thought I'd do one myself. I have so many little spots in my house that I "merchandise"-make little arrangements. I love to do it, and these spots are always changing as I acquire new things. This is a corner in my breakfast nook. I collect little mannequin figures, and many of them ended up here.

I did a piece of art today, but I can't post a photo yet, because it's for a swap with Delila. I'll have to wait until she receives it before I post a photo, in case she's reading! So maybe instead, I'll post a photo of a piece of art I did just about a year ago. I did this piece about a week after learning we were pregnant with Riley. Oh, what I wouldn't have done a year ago to jump ahead until today and see what my life was like! It's certainly been an eventful year!

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