Friday, February 10, 2006

Thrift Shopping

Today, Riley and I went to Value Village. I needed to get a book to "alter" for Riley's next baby book. I'm almost finished with the
first one, because it doesn't have many pages (and I glued most of them together anyway). I really like the size and shape of the one I'm using, and I was lucky enough to find a couple more of the same dimensions, so I went ahead and got them both for 49 cents a piece- can't beat that! I was hoping to find a vintage baby album and use the cover, but didn't find one. I bid on one last week on ebay, but didn't win it. I'll keep looking...

Last time I went t
o Value Village, I really scored with some good baby clothes for Riley, but today, didn't do as well in the clothes department. However, I did find some toys for him. I got these really cute stacking man blocks- I just love the vintage look of the illustrations on them! I also found a hanging "windchime" toy that sounds really pretty when it shakes- not sure yet where I'll hang it, but he liked the sound when I dangled it in front of him- and some other cute stuffed animals in different shapes-circle, square, triangle.

And check out
this website! It's the neatest thing! It's a line of cats looking at other cats on computer moniters, just like those mirrors that never end. Our cat, Tinkerbell, is number 1172! I had to do it when I saw the site- so fun! Now I'll have to see which kitty ends up looking at Tinkerbell in the next photo.

I hope to do some more art beginning of next week. I just had two
auctions on Ebay finish, and nobody bid on either piece, unfortunately. Seems I'm not having much luck trying to sell new stuff there (although when I put a bunch of older stuff up there a few weeks ago, it sold like mad!). I've got to figure out what people are in the market for!

Alright, that's all for now!

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