Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not Exactly a Corner...

Well, this isn't a "corner" in my home, but it's a spot that I just love. This is in my baby's nursery above his dresser. These are pieces of art I did while I was trying to become pregnant and while I was pregnant with him. During that time, I did twenty-four pieces of art about the subject. These four, I framed and hung in his nursery, and the rest, I bound into a Pregnancy Journal. An article about the process of creating this journal is going to appear in Suz Simanaitis's new book, Kaleidoscope, due out in December. Anyway, I love being reminded of that journey when I see these pieces of art in his room. It doesn't appear in the photo, but I now also display his baby journal, open to the latest spread, on an easel on the dresser as well.

Also, I've gone in and updated my art website to include prices on some of the older art that I'm ready to sell. So check it out- first come, first serve!


Genie said...


I simply MUST purchase the first print listed under altered book #3!!! I have loved that print forever...the one with the birds on their heads!!!

Please let me know if it's still available!!!EEEeeeKKKK!!!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The name of Suz's book is Kaleidoscope and it will be out this December.

Shelly Z said...

This photo is beautiful. What a lovely arrangement and I like the colors!