Friday, October 10, 2008


Guess where I've been? Hanging out with pirates! Or at least that's what the boys think we've been doing! Really, Jason and I just got back from a cruise that stopped in Key West, where there is pirate paraphanelia everywhere! Made for some fun souvenirs for the kids, and also made for a nice, relaxing week, which we both really needed.

Anyway, back to real life... artmaking, playing with the kids, and thrift-shopping...not a bad life, when I look at it that way! Below is my first piece in Riley's new book. I decided to try the verticle format, like I've been doing for Noah's book.

This is a piece about what a well-mannered little boy he is. He is so good about saying "Thank you", and especially about saying "Sorry!".

I'm in love with the color palette of this piece. It wasn't planned out; it just became as I was working, and I just love it! I want to live in these colors, if that makes sense! I already have a couple of them in our great room, and I'm seriously thinking about trying to incorporate the other colors somehow to achieve the same palette!

And in other Riley news, I was just thrilled the other day when he initiated this project:

A little three-dimensional train track made from stickers. It was completely led by him, with me only assisting in attaching the items. I know it doesn't look like much, but it's so much more advanced than any other art project he's done, so I'm just excited at the prospect of more of these style projects in our future! (Notice the pirate tattoo on his arm-souvenir!)
And finally, my thrifted finds since my last post. I plan to put a vintage-style decal on the highchair, and maybe rough it up a little. Don't ask me what I plan to do with it, since I have two boys who I'm sure have no interest in a pink doll's highchair, but I couldn't pass it up-too cute!

That's all for now. It was nice to hear from all of you who commiserate with me about the sentiments in the piece from my last post. Parenthood is mentally such a hard job, isn't it? Thank goodness there are so many good parts to balance out the hard ones...