Thursday, April 10, 2014

Noah's New Bedroom

It seems like it was just yesterday that we moved both boys into a shared room when Riley turned five.  But he's eight and a half now, so that wasn't yesterday!  Well, as happens with growing boys, these two began showing signs of "needing their own space", so we decided to separate them again, and move Noah into what we were using as the playroom.  His seventh birthday was in February, so that was the perfect birthday present- his own room!
He's been in there for a couple months now, and I've been putting some finishing touches on the decorating end of things. But the consensus for all of us is that we love it!  The boys are enjoying their alone time, and I'm enjoying having a little less fighting!
So, I thought I'd give you all a tour!
 This is the view from the doorway.
 We got new furniture in a washed-out grayish-tan color.  I am always a sucker for furniture that is a little unique, and this set is the only set we saw that wasn't brown, white, or metal.  And I think it looks great with the blue and turquoise walls.
We went with a low loft bed, and I am in love!  We get the added space of a loft bed, but it's not a major pain to change out the sheets!!  The other thing I love is the stuffed animal net-did you have one of those as a kid?  It's absolutely perfect in here, because he can reach all his animals from his bed!
We installed the stairs out in front of the bed, instead of to the side, because we didn't have enough wall space.
But that's okay, because it encloses his little area under the bed a bit, making it feel a little more private.  He loves to lounge in his orange beanbag, reading books!  I've also put one of our Ikea Trofast pieces under there for toy storage.
 The bonus is that the stairs have drawers for extra storage!
 I found that square wall shelf at HomeGoods right in the middle of decorating his room- it is the perfect color and perfect for holding some of his prized possessions! 
He loves this comforter I got because it's like the Minecraft game, which I honestly didn't even think about when I picked it out....!
 This boy is obsessed with paper airplanes, so I made a paper airplane garland to go across his ceiling.
 One thing I love about this bed is that it has built-in shelving and a bulletin board behind the headboard.
 It also has shelving on the sleeping side!  Perfect for books and other trinkets he collects (and this boy is definitely a collector!).
 I put all the books that are his level in his new bookshelf.  And notice more boxes on the bottom shelf for more collections!
And yet more boxes on the top of the bookshelf for more collections!!
 This little table was actually mine when I was growing up! 
 Another shot of the paper airplanes...
 Here you can see the shelving on the back of the bed.  When we moved him in here, we lost our art supply storage from the toy room, so everything had to be relocated.  Noah is the biggest "maker" of my kids, so it made sense to keep most of it in his room.  That's mostly what these shelves hold.
 If you've been reading for a long time, you may remember this vintage truck box.  This is still one of my favorite thrifting finds ever!  There was no way I was getting rid of it in this reorganization, so it became the perfect shoe box! 
I keep all of his art journals up on his dresser, as well as this little stuffed tiger that he has adopted (it used to be mine when I was a kid)!  I also framed and hung a drawing he did, because I love that scuba diver so much!
Well, I think that's it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour- I certainly did, because now I have proof that it can actually look this clean!! 
I'm still making some changes to Riley's room now that Noah has moved out.  I'll post photos here once I'm done there as well!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Did I Ever Show You These?

I know it's been a while... Our whole family got the "crud" (and it was a BAD one- ugh!) for over a week, and then we were out of town for Spring Break...
But anyway, I was looking around and realized that I haven't ever shown you a couple of my favorite recent vintage finds!  So here are some fun pictures and eye candy for you!
 First is this adorable dolly bunk bed.  I got it at an antique fair a few months ago.  In fact, it was the same antique fair where I got this dolly bunk bed a couple years ago!  Hmmm, I wonder what I'll find next time I go?
 I've never seen this one before, but I am absolutely in love!  The grey color, the nursery rhyme decals,...
 ...the ladder!  I don't know that I've seen a vintage bunk bed with a ladder before!
 And while Avery isn't necessarily into dolls that much, she still has several, and this is a perfect place to store them!
Humpty Dumpty!
 The next vintage find is this wonderful Rich dollhouse! (You knew there had to be a dollhouse in there, didn't you?)  Oh, I really love this one!
 I found this one on Ebay for a very reasonable price.  It was a Buy It Now or Best Offer, and I saw it within a couple hours of being listed.  There was already one offer in on it, so I knew I had to act fast!  I bypassed making another offer for the fear that I wouldn't get it, and bought it for the Buy It Now price.
 It is in super condition, other than that flaw in the paint at the bottom of the door.
 I've only seen one other of this style, on the My Vintage Dollhouses site. 
Hers has a bluer paint on the roof, and as you can see here, mine once had blue paint, too.  This is under the chimney.  It's too bad it's so faded, but at least the gray looks uniform!
So far, I've only put a few furnishings inside, but I want to take my time on this one because I like it so much!
Have you found any wonderful vintage items recently?  The thrift stores here have dried up quite a bit for good finds, but there's always Ebay, right??!