Monday, April 06, 2015

Some Artwork

 I haven't had a lot of time to do individual pieces of art lately.  Some of it's actual lack of time, whereas most of it is lack of motivation and inspiration- ha!  Anyway, here are two painting/collages I've done in the last couple months.
The first here is a piece I made with one of my favorite phrases, "Always be kinder than you need to be".  I've sort of made it my motto this year, and I try to remind the kids of it frequently, too.  I think that if you really lived your life always being kinder than you need to be, you would have a very positive life.  Sometimes it's hard, but I try to remind myself of it often!
 I used bits of vintage wallpaper, in addition to the children from an old storybook.
 I haven't found a place to hang it yet, but I'm working on it!
 The next piece is just a fun piece without a lot of thought behind it.
 I'm kind of obsessed with this poster from Fine Little Day, so that's what inspired me.
 It's so hard to capture the magic of children's artwork, and even though I try, my ships still aren't nearly as wonderful as those on the original poster!
You may remember this post I did about creating joint drawings with Noah.  I hadn't done one of them recently, so we tried it again last week.  The one on the left is with Noah (now eight years old), and the one on the right is with Avery (five years old).  I am so inspired when I do these with my kids, because it helps me see a child's mind in action, and I always hope I can glean some of that wonderful freedom that kids have when they do art.  There are sections of these drawings that just amaze me, and are so much better than pieces I do by myself!!
Anyway, I'm feeling a bit more inspired now, so maybe I'll get working on another painting soon!