Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Vintage Style

I love this little dress I found.  It's just the sweetest, most feminine little thing with the smocking and ruffled collar!  The brand is Rosey Kids.  We paired it with aqua flowered shoes (don't know the brand) and a little aqua hairclip and bracelet.  She looked sweet as can be all day long!

Go visit Hart & Sew and Mama Loves Papa for more pics of little ones in their cute clothes!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Didn't Need It....

...but I really, really wanted it!

 It was on super discount at the antique mall, and according to the tag, it actually still works!
...and best of all, it's PINK!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Vintage Style

Linking up here and here....  This little romper is one I always had with my doll clothes when I was young- my Cabbage Patch dolls wore it, as well as various teddy bears, etc.!  I'm not sure where it came from, but for some reason, it got saved.  I'm so glad it did!  Look how cute!

I remember trying it on Riley when he was little, but he cried and didn't like it, so it got packed away again.  However, Miss Avery has no problem looking adorable in it!!

romper: vintage,    yellow tank top: Walmart,     sandals: consignment (brand Angel)

Thanks for reading!  Hope you're all having a great summer so far!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Jason!

 Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the world!

For his gift, I made him these silhouette blocks.  I put them together in about two hours yesterday morning (yes, I forgot it was Father's Day until then!), and I think they turned out so cute!

As you can see, I used the above photos to make my silhouettes.

On the backs, I did the kids' handprints, and put the year on the sides.

Other than the painstaking process of cutting out the silhouettes, it was a fairly easy project, with a really nice result!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Mean Seriously...

 Could you have resisted it????  It was just sitting there so lonely at the Goodwill behind my sons' gymnastics class this morning...

I'm trying to conveniently forget the 6 other random dollhouses that are scattered throughout my home (hidden from the husband in closets, etc.... you think I'm kidding, don't you?)

 And it fits so perfectly here, doesn't it?

 I'm trying to decide whether I like it better with or without the porch roof.   As you can see, the whole thing's a little worse for wear, but I kind of like its shabbiness, don't you?

It came with some random furniture, although for now, I love the front too much to turn it around, so the decorating may go neglected for a while...

Really, I had to buy it, didn't I?  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Kids...

Sorry for the lack of artistic posts here lately, but with three kids home all day every day (now that preschool's out), I haven't had time for much artwork or thrifting.  My days are spent refereeing and filling sippy cups for the most part...! 

But I can always find time to dress up Miss Avery in her vintage gear and shoot some photos for Little Vintage Style (and here on Thursday)- ha ha!  This past week, my mom was in town, so we did some exploring and went to a nearby beach.  Unfortunately, we got there at low tide, and a great part of the beach was muddy and full of very sharp oyster shells.  While it was fun for the boys, it was hard to keep Avery in the "safe" zone, so she spent most of the trip crying because she couldn't go where she wanted to...  So I didn't get many pics of her in her cute little vintage pinafore top, but here's what I did get!

We also took the kids to a more kid-friendly beach, which made everyone happy!  No vintage there, just cute, happy kids!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Time to start on a new journal for Avery, since I finished her last one.  This book is a little larger than her others, and I like the bigger size.  This spread is about her many DRAMATIC moods.  This girl is so melodramatic, so much more so than the boys ever were!  Girls definitely are wired differently, of which I'm constantly being reminded!

While I was working on the page, I kept thinking about this "stubborn" face that she makes.  Noah makes it, too.  They furrow their brows and look at you from underneath, trying to look so mean.  I looked through an old photo album and found this photo of myself from the 1970's.  I guess I can see where they're getting it from now!

And it's time again for Little Vintage Style!  (I'll also link up to Small Style on Thursday.)

 For a change of scenery, I took some photos of Avery playing in our playroom this week. I pulled out a couple vintage toys, and let her go at it! 

 This little sundress is perfect for the summertime with the cute little boat applique.  And it's also perfect for taking the babies for a walk!

 This stroller was my sister's when she was young, and it's been in my parents' attic.  Avery hasn't been too interested in dolls until now, but this stroller is just the right height and weight for her, and she loves pushing it around!

 Bye-bye for now! 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lots of Pictures of Lots of Pretty Things!

This is one of my bookcases in my studio.  Not many books in there, I'm afraid!  But what is in there is part of my collection of vintage dolly furniture!  And scattered amongst the pieces are some of my birthday presents.  When I saw this listing on Etsy, I emailed my husband and told him that I wouldn't ask for anything else if I could get it for my birthday.  Well, good husband that he is, he got it for me!  You can see the pieces a little better below, as I tried to take some better close-up shots of the individual shelves.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I have just got such a weakness for vintage dolls and doll furniture, especially if there is a sweet decal on it!  And as I said, this is only part of my collection!  These are the smaller pieces that can fit in a bookcase. I'll have to take photos of some of my other pieces soon...

I also got the dolly with green hair in the photo above, from my mother.  So adorable!   I just love the green hair-so unusual in a vintage doll!

These are all the vintage handmade dolls I've collected, with the exception of the one I made Avery from a vintage pattern.  I just love the embroidered faces and the cute hairstyles.

This final photo shows my last cute birthday present, also from my mother- the doll wardrobe! Love, love, love! It wouldn't fit into my studio right now, so it is residing in Avery's room. Although I may have to steal it back soon, because I love it so much!

And I'm linking up again with Hart & Sew's Little Vintage Style this week!

  Avery got to try out her little duck dress- so sweet!

Big brothers also got in on the act, although no vintage on those boys!  But they are sitting on vintage chairs, so does that count???

Riley's going through a little bit of the "five-year-old-who-doesn't-know-how-to-smile-naturally" stage right now- can't you tell?

And finally, some artwork I've been meaning to post for a while....

  A little spread about Avery's love of shoes!

And the cover of her latest journal!

Hope you're all having a great week!  School's out here, so we're doing our best to fill our days with craft projects, workbooks, puzzles, you name it, just as long as everyone's not fighting!