Friday, August 14, 2015

The Rest of the Summer

Well, sorry for taking a month-long break there!  The end of our summer was jam-packed with out-of-town guests, camps, and vacations!  Things have finally settled down, so I thought I'd show you some of the fun things that we did.
 We took our out-of-town guests to this wonderful beach on Big Talbot Island.  It's a beach where the erosion has caused tons of trees to slide down the banks down onto the beach. 
The trees have all become bleached-out by the sun, and their roots are all showing.  It's quite a magical place there!
 The kids love climbing on the trees and exploring.
 There are beautiful live trees there as well- with lots of cool branches to pose on!
Then, we reopened Mom's Waterpark for the summer. 
 It didn't get as much use as it did last year, but it still kept them busy for a few afternoons.
Watch out, or you may get splashed!!
We took a few trips to the beach this summer as well.  This morning was during the week, so it was pretty empty, which is always the nicest!
 Isn't this the most serene-looking photo?  There was a wonderful tide pool the day we went, and she spent most of her time in there!
Here are the boys by the tide pool.
I love the huge empty beach with little tiny Avery in the middle!
Love this one as well, with Noah running out in front- such a representation of pure childhood!
 He isn't always silly though- sometimes he can just be cute and handsome!
Digging up the clams and watching them burrow back into the sand.
 I try to periodically take photos of the three of them out in the water like this.  There's one in my blog header- in fact, that may have been the first one I did of them like that.
Then, Mom and Dad finished off the summer with a trip to Las Vegas!  We used to go frequently when we lived in Seattle, but haven't been for many years now.
Of course, we had to purchase the cheesy show photos, since those are the only times we ever get photos of the two of us!
And on Wednesday, it was Back-to-School!  The kids are starting at a new school this year, and though they are nervous, I think it is going to be a very positive move for us.  Riley had a nice attitude the first morning...
... but you can tell that Noah was not in the best mood, unfortunately...
...but Little Miss Avery Sunshine was all smiles!
I hope you are all having a nice end of the summer.  I know that we start school pretty early here, but I was definitely ready for it this year.  I need some time to get some things done!  Some craft things, and decorating things, and dollhouse things, and thrift store things, and....