Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LVS-Thanksgiving Style

First, I'd like to thank you all for your comments about my Studio Tour!  I love it in there, and it's so fun to hear from other people who don't think I'm an absolute freak for collecting the things I do.  Nobody in my family understands me, so it's nice to find people who do!

And now, onto Little Vintage Style.  This is what the kids wore for Thanksgiving last week.  The boys aren't in vintage (unless you consider pre-loved clothes from Goodwill vintage!), but Avery is.  However, an interesting sidenote about Riley's shirt is that it is completely handmade!  I was surprised to find that at Goodwill!

She's wearing another little vintage smocked Polly Flinders dress I found thrifting, paired with jeans.  Perfect for running around with the cousins at Grandma's, while still looking pretty!

At this point, Riley was done with smiling, and was sporting more of a grimace, so I cropped in on the last photos, since Noah and Avery were still cooperating!

Ooh, she's excited about that pumpkin pie that's coming later!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

THE Studio Tour!

As promised, here is an updated tour of my studio.  For past tours, you can look here and here.  As you can see, I've added a lot more stuff (um, yeah...), so I've had to do some reorganizing! 

To give you an overview, the studio is in a small room that opens out into our kitchen dining area.  Beyond the dining area is our family room, so I'm able to moniter the kids while I'm in there, which is helpful.  It's an odd shape (sort of a triangle), so a little difficult to design, but I've made it work!  On one wall is a large window that opens out to our lanai, so it's nice to work in there while the kids are playing outside.  However, that window (and the small, awkward shape of the room) makes it very difficult to take decent pictures in there, so please forgive the changing lighting, strange angles, etc. in the photos.  My camera had a hard time handling the job!  Hopefully you can sort of figure out the layout by piecing the different photos together!

 Look how perfectly all those dollhouses fit!  My husband added shelves between the existing bookshelves to store them.  And can you believe that he never once made any sort of comment about it?  He must have been biting his tongue pretty hard!

 Here's my primary workspace, facing the window.

Here you can see out into our family room.  As you can see, I've got a nice baby-gate there to keep little hands off my things!!

Avery's old dresser was relocated here when she got her new one.

 There's my sewing corner on the opposite side of my desk.

Hope you enjoyed your peek into my world!  Believe me, my whole house doesn't look like this (I wouldn't mind, but my husband definitely would!).  Just my studio and Avery's room.  I'm waiting for Avery to move into a toddler bed to do an updated tour of her room, so hopefully that will be soon as well!

I wouldn't even know where to begin with describing things, letting you know about details, etc. so if you have questions about anything, feel free to ask me in the comments, and I'll try to answer!! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lil' Vintage Story Books #6

 Welcome again to Lil' Vintage Story Books, where we share our favorite vintage children's books!

In honor of Thanksgiving, my submission this week is "My Thank You Book", written by Wanda Hayes, illustrated by Frances Hook, and published in 1964.

 It's such a sweet book, featuring little stories/prayers about different things for which to be thankful.

 I like how the poems aren't just generic prayers, but they tell little stories that the kids can relate to.

 Love his new coat!

 In my house, toys are the first thing on the kids' list when asked what they're thankful for.  At least Mom and Dad fall somewhere on their list as well!

I love how something we take for granted, like arms, is in the book- it's so hard to teach kids how lucky we really are in this life, and this kind of narrative helps!
 I love rain, too!

 Aw, her Raggedy Ann doll is so sweet!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone in the States here has a great Thanksgiving!  Having children and explaining the concept of being thankful helps me focus on it more myself, which is a beneficial thing.  We really are so, so blessed...

(These little turkeys are a tradition we started two Thanksgivings ago.  I saw the idea on a blog somewhere (can't remember where), but they're pretty self-explanatory.  The boys each made one the past two years, and this year, we also added one for Avery.  We're developing quite the flock of turkeys!)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 It was a little windy on the day I was taking pictures for this week's Little Vintage Style...

But that's okay, wind is fun, right?

 Maybe not REAL fun...

 Okay, she's had enough!

Photoshoot done!

Dress is vintage Polly Flinders found thrifting, jeggings from Target, shoes are Angel brand.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Looky, Looky!

I went to an antique fair with my mother and sister over the weekend, and wasn't having a tremendous amount of luck. I'd found a couple things, but nothing I was REALLY excited about. My mouth was aching (from getting my wisdom teeth out last week), we were getting hot, and overall, we were just ready to go. But I kept saying, "I just want to find one thing that's really exciting, so that I feel like it was worth coming!" (the fair was two hours away).  And then, in the distance, two booths up, I saw these:

They were sitting on a table, amidst bunches of other non-dolly stuff (who knows what else, as my eyes only saw them), kind of glowing there just for me, you know?

I raced up to the table, thinking in my mind, "I'm sure they're at least $80- I couldn't possibly be lucky enough to get a cheap price."   I looked at the tag.  $35!   I casually asked, "Would you go any cheaper on the bunk beds?", knowing in my mind that $35 was already a great deal.  "Yeah, I'd take $30", she said.  And I said, "Sold!"

Then I went back and found my mom and sister, and told them we could go home!

Hurray! I've eyed these bunk beds on numerous occasions on Ebay, but they were always too expensive.  

 I came home and promptly made some bedding out of an old cutter quilt that I've got.  It turned out so cute!

However, after trying to find a place to squeeze fit the beds into my studio, I am forced to decided to use them to store vintage sheets and larger fabric pieces, so I only need bedding for the top bunk for now!

I am working on an updated studio tour for you.  I hope to have it done sometime this week!