Monday, October 05, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

So, besides gazing at this sweet face....

and this cute ruffled bottom....

and this adorable belly button....

I've actually been keeping quite busy!
I did the cover to Avery's first book, which was all of the artwork I did during her pregnancy. I love the way it turned out-girly, girly, girly!

I've also done a couple spreads in her new book. This one is about her sweet smile. She really has been smiling since her first week!

The colors and layout of this spread just all came together so nicely-it's one of my favorite journal spreads ever, I think! I must just be extra inspired by all the girly colors I'm now allowed to use!!

The vintage pieces in this spread are from an old baby card. Jamie sent me an entire scrapbook full of vintage baby cards- to die for!!! Thank you so much Jamie! You know you'll be seeing bits of those show up in my art!

And here is a spread just about my continued giddiness over having a girl-picking out her cute clothes, etc. This seems to be a repeating theme in her journals, and I don't see an end to it anytime soon... I still am just in shock that I actually have a girl!!

Continuing the "girl" theme, here is my first handmade dolly for Avery. She is a modified version of this pattern. I wanted her more "girly" than the original, so I added a little ruffle for her bonnet.

I see a lot more handmade dolls in her future- I really hope she likes them! So far, the response has been good...

I also made some "baby legs" for her yesterday, following this tutorial. So easy, and so cute!

I framed her birth announcement stitching, done by her grandmother. This frame used to hold a mirror, but I think this is much cuter! Her grandma also did an embroidery of a bedtime prayer, but I'm still waiting for the perfect frame for that one.
And in non-Avery-related news (what? is there anything else???), this little one started his first day of preschool! How cute is he?
Big brother also started his second year of preschool...

I finished Noah's most recent journal, and did the cover.

Now I need to catch up and do pages in both the boys' books about being big brothers and the first day of school....too many projects, too little time!
And of course, even though I'm complaining about "too little time", I couldn't let the past month go by without doing some thrifting!
This purple doll brought back sisters and I had several when we were growing up. And the big elephant is actually a bank that was never used-it's the kind that needs to be broken to get the money, but it's still intact!

I went to my first-ever estate sale, and came out with some real beauties...

The kitty is a paint-by-number. I'm sure it's not very old, but I loved the colors!

Okay, guess that's all. Hope everyone's having a wonderful start to the fall season. We're still roasting in Florida, but every so often we get a cool spell that gives me some hope!