Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage Easter

I promise all my posts aren't going to be Avery in vintage from now on, but Stacy over on Hart & Sew is doing a weekly link party called Little Vintage Style, so it's given me the incentive to pull out the few vintage pieces I've got! 

My original intention was for Avery to wear a new pink dress for Easter, but when we tried it on, it was a bit too big.  So this little number made its premiere appearance!

I found this set at a local Goodwill, and it's so adorable!  The dress is a pale yellow dotted swiss, with a chiffon pinafore over the top.  It is handmade, so no tag, and no guess as to its age, although it looks like 1950's to me?

I would have loved for her to wear a little Easter bonnet, but she wouldn't keep one on.  So a bow had to suffice!

She was happy as could be all day in her little dress, and as you can see, she even found some eggs during the Easter egg hunt!

 And just so the boys don't feel left out, here are some pics of their finds as well!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Vintage Cutie

Avery has a few vintage dresses, which I've either inherited (a couple shown here and here) or found while thrifting.  Until now, most were little baby dresses, but she's beginning to grow into a few of the toddler pieces I've found.  I tried this one on her today, and am in love!  It's adorable!  I don't know the era- I can't tell from the tag- but I'm guessing it's from maybe the 80's?  Regardless, it's such a cute dress I couldn't resist taking some photos of her this evening!  (Don't mind the disappearing/reappearing scabs on her forehead- I edited them out in a few photos, but didn't bother with the rest- ha ha!)

I know that many photos is probably overkill when it's not your own child, but I couldn't pick only a couple- they were all too cute!

Hope you're all having a great beginning to the week!