Thursday, February 26, 2015


 Well, here's the progress on the dollhouse from my last post
 As you can see, it's had a complete re-vamp!  Both outside...
 ...and inside!
 I purchased several sheets of vintage wallpaper from Etsy in order to redecorate.
 I know that the wallpaper is not to scale of the dollhouse, but I actually like that.
 I think it looks a little more authentic, like some mother used scraps of the wallpaper from her own house in order to furnish the dollhouse.
 This mother had "shabby chic" taste before it was cool!
Here are the before and after photos.

Otis's official report reads, "Buyer has done an excellent job of working with this run-down house.  Looks like it could be a good opportunity for a flip, or perhaps I'll move in myself."

Now it's time to decorate!  Amazingly enough, I actually already have a ton of furniture that will fit this scale, so I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Hubby Says That I'm Insane....

(Sung to the tune of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space")
Got a long list of old dollhouses,
Hubby says that I'm insane.
I've got no more blank space, baby.
So I hang my head in shame...
So, yeah, here's another one.  Although I've got other dollhouses that I haven't shown you yet, none compare to this huge monster of a house that I picked up this weekend!
It had been up on Ebay for several weeks, and I'd been eyeing it.  I'm sort of obsessed with larger scale dollhouse furniture lately, and this house is larger scale, obviously.  It was "pick up only" in Orlando, and we had a trip planned there for the weekend.  I told myself that if it was still available, I'd buy it.  Well, guess what?  It was still available!
It was made in 1973 for a little girl's 1st birthday.  Coincidentally, my first birthday was in 1973 as well, so I took that as a sort of sign- ha ha!
As you can see, it is pretty unfinished, so I'm looking forward to painting and decorating it.  In fact, I've already ordered some vintage wallpaper for some of the rooms!
I have no idea where I'm going to put it.  Although it fits on this sofa table, I don't think Hubby is going to let it stay here, as it blocks the view of the TV from the kitchen (not acceptable!!).  So we will see.  I am truly lucky to have a husband who allows this kind of insanity from me, and rarely does more than roll his eyes when I tell him I found a new dollhouse!  Very lucky indeed!
I will keep you updated on it's progress!
(As you can see, Otis acted as house inspector once we brought it home.  His inspection report stated, "Although the house is in minor disrepair, it has very good bones, so I give it two paws up!")