Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Life

Sorry for not posting recently, but our camera has gone "Kaput!", so I haven't been able to download any photos of art I've done. However, it's all for the better, because we've ordered a totally cool, super-duper new one that I hope will take great photos, and it's a pretty red color to boot!

But I did remember that I had this photo already downloaded of the limited edition piece of art which was included with the signed copies of my book. I think most people have received theirs, so I can show it to all of you now. I didn't actually title it, but I guess if I did, I would call it "My Life". It says "Oh, how different my life is now. But I wouldn't change a minute of it." and "For my own self I live and for my children." I think the meaning to my own life is probably clear, but I tried to make it universal, too, so that it could apply to lots of people, since it will be going to lots of people.

I do still have a few of the signed copies left, but they're almost gone. A few people have expressed interest, but haven't given me contact information to which to send an invoice (Cindy S-E and Mary Lib-Stine), so if you guys are reading, please email me at appendageassemblage at hotmail dot com so I can send you an invoice!

And a big thank you to those who have written positive reviews for me on Amazon! I love hearing from people directly, but for some reason, having it out there on Amazon for everyone to read somehow seems so official!!

And finally, before I go, the lovely Erika tagged me a while ago, and I'm just getting around to playing. This is the one where you write something about each letter of your middle name. Mine's Marie (isn't everybody's?).

M: Mother- well, this one's obvious!
A: Anal-retentive- I'm completely anal about most things- how I decorate, how I organize, etc.
R: Responsible- You can always count on me-I'm incredibly responsible!
I: Imperfect- Sometimes I still need to remind myself that I'm allowed to be imperfect.
E: Energy-lacking- see "M" above!

Monday, October 22, 2007

They're On Their Way!

Yay! The signed copies of my book are on their way to those who ordered! Thanks to all of you for your patience with my delay in shipping, and I hope the book is worth the wait! And also thanks to everyone who sent condolences on the loss of my grandmother- we are all doing well and are just happy with the many good years we had with her.
(Isn't it kind of funny how all the little "Corey's" are lined up next to each other when the books are stacked together?)
I'm so excited with the feedback I've been getting from the book! I've caught it at #1 in "Papercrafts" and #1 in "Scrapbooking" at various times on Amazon (the rankings are listed every hour)- how cool is that?? But no reviews there yet (I check several times a day- ha ha!- to see my first review!) I've gotten some wonderful emails and blog comments from people who've been inspired to use personal images in their own work, which means so much to me, since that's what my mission was with the book-to inspire artists to do personal artwork, not just art that looks like everyone else's! So, a big thank you to those who have written!

By the way, I do still have a couple signed copies left if anyone missed out! Cindy S-E, if you're reading this, send me an email at appendageassemblage at hotmail dot com-I don't have a way to contact you about a copy! And I finally listed the ephemera packs on Etsy if anyone needs one of those!

Riley had his second birthday last week, amidst a small amount of chaos with the funeral, etc., but we were still able to celebrate. I plan to do a birthday spread for him as soon as I get a chance, but here are a couple cute photos of him on his big day, and a cute one of Noah thrown in for good measure!

Okay, have a great week, everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In Loving Memory...

Peg Dray
May 27, 1919 - October 11, 2007
I'm sorry for my absence here lately, but we've had a very sad week. My grandmother died a week ago (yes, this is a different grandmother than the one who passed away three months ago) from complications of congestive heart failure. She was a loving, loving woman who took care of a wonderful family. I have countless fond memories of times with her and my mother's side of the family. She and my grandfather raised eight wonderful children, who have in turn raised many equally wonderful grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
We took the trip to Davenport, Iowa for her funeral, and although it was a sad trip, it was such a nice way to remember her- seeing the house I have such fond memories in and the people connected to her as well. We will all miss her greatly, but know that she is looking down upon us and "hugging" us from Heaven.
I am now spending a few days at my mother's house, but will be home by next week. I'm greatly sorry for those of you awaiting signed copies of my book (and also a few collage packs that were ordered). Mailing those things out is first on my list when I get back though!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Well, I've started hearing from people that they've received my book from Amazon! Hurray! I totally didn't expect them to be out so soon- the last I heard from the publisher was October 11th. I just wanted to let everyone who's ordered signed copies that they are on their way to me now (for me to sign them), and the limited edition piece of artwork which will be included is being printed as we speak! So hang on just a bit longer- I'm sorry you won't get them before those that ordered from Amazon do, but hopefully the print I'm including will make up for that!

Here are a couple little bits from the print you'll be receiving- I'm really happy with how it came out! Once I've sent out all the copies, I'll post a full photo for you all to see.

And yes, I do still have a couple more copies before I hit my 25 limit, so hurry, hurry if you don't want to miss out! Or if you don't need a signed copy, there's an Amazon link right over to the left there to order it from there!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

One for Noah, One for Riley

Hi Guys, thanks for all the studio love! I really love it myself as well. It's just nice because it's the one spot in the house where I can have free reign to hang what I like, etc. While I do have most of the influence in the rest of the house, there are just some things that Jason would never allow me to put out there (dolls, doll furniture, anything pink!)...

A few of you expressed amazement at how organized everything is in the studio, but in reality, it's not that difficult for me to maintain that. For most of my artwork, I use very limited supplies. Some papers out of a file cabinet, some paint, and glue. That's it! So I don't make much of a mess when I work, thus making it pretty easy to clean up! But, at the same time, those of you who know me will attest to the fact that I'm pretty anal, so that helps as well....!

I've done a couple spreads in the boys' books this past week. I try to alternate with them, doing one in Riley's book, then one in Noah's. Riley's spread is about those rare, wonderful moments when he surprises me by coming up and giving me a hug. Those hugs immediately erase all of the "terrible two" moments that are coming more and more frequently these days!

You may notice that I don't have a photo of him actually hugging me. As I said, he always does it when I'm least expecting it, so I've never been lucky enough to get a shot of him! So I figured just a sweet photo expressed the sentiment just as well...
Then, Noah's spread is about a trip we took to the fire station a couple weeks ago. My sister is a graphic designer who is doing some work for the fire department's community day. So we packed up the kids (she's got two, and I've got two) and headed over to shoot some cute photos for a poster.

Not really as easy as it sounds, since Riley's going through a stage where he's terrified of strangers, and her little boy isn't that much better! Lots of crying and clinging to Mama was involved, but she did get some cute shots of her daughter and of Noah. One of the shots of Noah is going to appear on the poster, which will be fun.

Strangely enough, a few days after this trip, I was looking on ebay and came across these little fireman valentine images. They could not have been more perfect! They look just like Noah in his little hat!

That's it for now! There are still a few signed copies of my book left, as well as the ephemera packs.... let me know if anyone's interested!