Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Although I liked the wall arrangement I used to have in my front room, I was looking for a little change. 
I have a bunch of reclaimed wood I was itching to use, so I came up with a way to use it!
I scoured Pinterest to find a quote I liked- I'm very picky about quotes- I only use them if they reeeeaaally mean something to me.
It seems that quotes about gratitude really resonate with me.  Here are two others I've hung.
"Take a moment to think about how blessed you are."  It's a message I constantly need to be reminded of, as do the kids!
I printed out the quote on offwhite paper, outlining the font before I printed it.  Then I took about two hours cutting out every letter!!
If I had a vinyl-cutting machine, it would have been a whole lot easier, but you work with what you have!
I added the scroll-y wood pieces on the sides, and they were just the right size!
Then placed the other frames and art around it.
By coincidence, I came across this little "blessed" sign at Hobby Lobby a couple days later!  I thought it fit in perfectly!
We're all so blessed!  And this helps me remember it every day!