Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little More Done Before I Pop...

Well, about 3 weeks left until my due date, but my wishful thinking makes me feel as though she'll come early. That's my hope anyway, because I am really struggling with the aches and pains lately! Here are some self-portraits I did a couple weeks ago. I really need to have my sister or husband take some of me, but if that doesn't happen, at least I've done a few myself.

I've also gotten a few more things done in the nursery. I found this wonderful, HUGE paper doll on Ebay. She's almost 3 feet tall, and looks like what I could envision Baby Girl to look like one day, if she has my dark hair and blue eyes.

One task I can cross off my to-do list from the last post is recovering the glider. I mixed vintage pink "popcorn" chenille with pale yellow striped chenille around the edges. It came out really cute and comfy!

I painted this shelf and hung it by the window. The three little figures on the top are all nightlites that give off a soft pink glow at night. I keep rearranging the knick-knacks between all the shelves in the room, but for now, this is where this group resides.

I've also done some art in the kids' book. The first is in the Baby's book, just about how hard it is to wait for her birth:

And the second is also about waiting, since that's really the main focus of my life right now! But I also included a pocket to hold some notes written to her. I belong to a small bible study group, and they threw me a little shower where they each wrote a note to the baby.

The last page is in Riley's book. He is learning to write his letters and spell his name, as well as all the letter sounds. So I had him write his name and did a page around it. This is the final page in this journal for him, then I'll be starting a new book for him. Once the baby comes, I'm going to need to simplify these journal pages for a while, because doing books for three kids is going to kill me! This spread was really quick and easy to do, so I may use this sort of layout as a kind of formula in his next book, and see how it goes.
And finally, although my thrift-shopping has slowed a bit, since I can't handle being on my feet much, I've still managed to accumulate a stash in the past few weeks. I found these three cuties a couple days ago at a local thrift shop:

And I did some antique/thrift shopping with my mother in North Carolina a couple weeks ago, and came home with all these goodies!

Alright, that's all to show for now. If I'm lucky, this baby will come soon, and my next post will be about her! But is she decides to be a slowpoke and waits a while, I'll try to post once more. I'm working on refinishing her dresser, so that's still to come!