Monday, April 27, 2009

Slowly Working on a Nursery...

Well, it's been a slow-going month since my last post-we were out of town for a week, then had a houseguest for another couple weeks, then add to that the fatigue and laziness of pregnancy in general, and well, you get the idea! Not as much artwork and girl-y decorating to show as I'd like, but still some fun things!

First, I'd really like to thank everyone for your congrats on my great news from the last post. It has sunk in somewhat by now, but I'm still floating on air about having a little girl! And thank you for all the fabric source tips. I had forgotten about some of those, and I was able to find the perfect fabric for the nursery curtains!

Isn't this just the cutest? It's from ReproDepot, and I love it!

I added ruffles, and may add a valance to the top. I'll decide once I hang them up.

I'm currently waiting to "gain possession" of the room which will be the nursery. My husband is using it as an office, and is in the process of moving upstairs, but until then, I can't actually begin decorating. It's agonizing, because I've been accumulating so many cute girl things, and I don't have anywhere to put them yet!!

And speaking of cute things, take a look at this stash I recently received from Kari!! She and I did a personal swap, and she found the cutest things for me!
Here is a closer shot. She included a to-die-for baby blanket with vintage nursery rhyme fabric, which I now realize isn't really visible in this photo, unfortunately. Also, another knit (crochet?) baby blanket, a little doll's quilt, adorable wall hangings, and lots of fun ephemera! What a wonderful package to open!!
Then, here are some of my own vintage finds from the past month, most which will make their way into the baby's room as well. I found the wicker baby bassinet (that is holding everything), as well as a vintage wicker changing table that I love. I didn't take a photo of that yet, but you'll see it once it's in the room.
Oh, hurry up, Husband!! I'm chomping at the bit to get in there and start arranging this stuff!

The little dog and the little lamb are actually nightlights- so precious! I found them on Etsy from two different sellers, but they match each other perfectly!
Unfortunately, I haven't had the motivation to get into the studio much and work in the kid's journals. I really need to get working on that, because I know once New Baby comes, I'll have even less time, and I don't want to get behind! I did manage to do a spread in Noah's book though:
Being a second child, he is just so much more advanced than Riley was at his age. He knows all his shapes, even fairly complex ones, and he loves playing with toys that focus on them.

And of course I also managed to do a spread in New Baby's book! Hey, I haven't been able to work with pink for a long time, and I'm taking advantage!

These pages are about how I still can't quite believe that I'm finally going to have a girl. I literally am still in awe! All the ephemera on these pages are from Kari- thanks again, Kari!

The spread is also about the dozens of little pink dresses I've bought thus far for her! Goodwill isn't just good for vintage collectables- every time I go, I also spoil myself by spending time in the baby girl clothes aisle! My little girl is going to be outfitted almost exclusively in 99 cent outfits from thrift stores, and she's going to look great! So many cute clothes there, both modern and also lots of sweet vintage!
Okay, that's all I've got to show today. Hopefully, by next time I post, I'll be well on my way to decorating the nursery, and will also have some more artwork to show. Poor Riley hasn't had a new page in his book for several weeks! Hope you all have a good week!