Sunday, September 06, 2009

Newborn Cuteness & Other Nice Things

As promised, here are some more photos of little miss Avery, in all her girly cuteness! I can't believe she is already three weeks old!

She was definitely "worth the wait"...

These sepia ones below are from a little photoshoot I did of her. I did the same thing with my boys at this age, so it's always neat to see how they compare with each other.

Love little baby yawns!

And here she is in her first tu-tu. I found it at Goodwill, and just couldn't resist!

At 10 lbs, she's a big newborn, but when I catch a glimpse her up on my shoulder like this, I'm reminded of how tiny she really is- love it!

This child's been smiling since the day we brought her home from the hospital-and I swear they're real smiles, not just gas!

Big eyes, up on Grandma's shoulder...

I've been much more creatively inspired lately, so have done some work in the kids' journals. Here is the last spread in Avery's pregnancy journal- her "arrival" page. I've written out the timeline of her labor so that I can remember each step!

Here is the last page in Noah's current journal. It's about his obsession with "doing things myself"! Ah, the life of a two-year-old...!

And I also have finished Riley's most recent book. This is the cover. I love this puppy dog graphic!

Of course, despite trying to take care of two toddlers and a newborn, I've still managed to do a little thrifting! (it helps that my husband is still out on paternity leave!) I found this gorgeous vintage baby dress, as well as a little train planter and a wishing well bank.
I also found this adorable baby mobile that I'm deciding how to use. I adore the little hanging animals, but am not crazy about the bright graphics on the "umbrella" part of it. I'm trying to think of a cute way to use the animals in a project (not necessarily a mobile, but could be). In fact, does anyone have any good ideas?

Finally, I want to thank the sweet Jamie for this wonderful package she sent me full of baby planters and other goodies! I especially love the choo-choo train with the face!!

Thank you everyone, for all your congratulations and well wishes. It's been such a fun (albeit exhausting!) three weeks, but it's already going by way too fast! So bittersweet, knowing she's my last...