Monday, November 21, 2011

Looky, Looky!

I went to an antique fair with my mother and sister over the weekend, and wasn't having a tremendous amount of luck. I'd found a couple things, but nothing I was REALLY excited about. My mouth was aching (from getting my wisdom teeth out last week), we were getting hot, and overall, we were just ready to go. But I kept saying, "I just want to find one thing that's really exciting, so that I feel like it was worth coming!" (the fair was two hours away).  And then, in the distance, two booths up, I saw these:

They were sitting on a table, amidst bunches of other non-dolly stuff (who knows what else, as my eyes only saw them), kind of glowing there just for me, you know?

I raced up to the table, thinking in my mind, "I'm sure they're at least $80- I couldn't possibly be lucky enough to get a cheap price."   I looked at the tag.  $35!   I casually asked, "Would you go any cheaper on the bunk beds?", knowing in my mind that $35 was already a great deal.  "Yeah, I'd take $30", she said.  And I said, "Sold!"

Then I went back and found my mom and sister, and told them we could go home!

Hurray! I've eyed these bunk beds on numerous occasions on Ebay, but they were always too expensive.  

 I came home and promptly made some bedding out of an old cutter quilt that I've got.  It turned out so cute!

However, after trying to find a place to squeeze fit the beds into my studio, I am forced to decided to use them to store vintage sheets and larger fabric pieces, so I only need bedding for the top bunk for now!

I am working on an updated studio tour for you.  I hope to have it done sometime this week!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a fun find!!! I've never seen a dolly bunk bed before. So cute!! I can't wait for your studio tour!!

magie said...

The vintage bunk bed is adorable! What a great idea using the bottom to store bed sheets.
Looking forward to the studio tour :)


My Vintage Mending said...

That's not leave again without me! Amazingly beautiful and perfectly that you store fabric below....smiles...Renee

elizabeth said...

Oh my word, these bunk beds are so precious! You have been finding some great stuff!

Musings from Kim K. said...

They were just waiting for perfect home. Your quilt bed linens are lovely. Bring on the studio tour!!!

A bird in the hand said...

They were definitely waiting for you because they are so you. They fit perfectly in your wonderful vintage world :)

Cassandra said...

What a brilliant find!!! I love it!

birdie blue said...

isn't that adorable? love the cutter quilts you made for them, and the reuse for storing fabrics.


GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh my golly, that bunk bed is the cutest thing! I love the way you have vintage sheet fabrics stored on the lower bunk. And I'm also lovin' this little sneak peek into your studio.

Chelsea Ann said...

I love that you ended up keeping it for yourself... How cute that your little girl will be playing under foot while your busy creating something new and pretty to share with us! ~ Chelsea Ann

gabrielle said...

great find, I think I'd like to come and play in your studio, when Isabella was little we would spend ages playing dolls and dressing and undressing them but sadly neither Harriet or either of the boys has been into playing dolls

Unknown said...

EEEK - What a fabulous find!
You know Corey I am constantly in awe of the goodies you find. When are you going to do a big clean out and put some in your etsy shop? I'm being pushy, I know, but I am green with envy.

susan jakovina said...

That room looks likes little piece of creative heaven.