Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rich (with Porch Benches) Dollhouse Tour

 This was the first Rich dollhouse I got, and it's finally ready for its grand tour!  I'm not sure if this model has a proper name, but I distinguish it as being the one with the cute porch benches!
 Let's meet our family, shall we?  Wait, kids, stop playing around on the benches, and stand for a proper portrait!
 There we go!  I think I'll call this family the Rich's, for obvious reason (they live in a Rich house!).  The parents have a sort of snooty vibe to them, with their fancy-schmancy clothes, and they're also much too tall to fit through their own doorway, but as a family, they're nice enough!  And isn't the baby cute?  You'll notice that she never gets up off her blankie, because she's been permanently attached to it, poor thing!
 The first room Mrs. Rich would like to show you is her kitchen.  She's a fan of the mis-matched look.  Her chairs don't match and neither do her curtains, but it's a friendly room anyway!
 For decor, she has added a beautiful green decorative plate on her refrigerator, and Mr. Rich insisted on adding the cardboard and plastic ship-in-a-bottle above the breakfast table.
 What a nice, cozy rug to stand on while doing dishes!
The front hallway is where Mrs. Rich spends a lot of her time.  Can you guess why?
 She loves to gab away on her phone while keeping watch on the baby in her playpen.
 If none of her friends are home to call, she may consider reading one of the books from the cupboard across the room.
 Mr. Rich, with his fancy sparkly shirt, likes to relax in the living room with his dog.
 Mrs. Rich gets on him about fixing the crack in the wall behind him, but he just ignores her!
Who wants to do work when there's a nice fire going in the fireplace?
 Mrs. Rich decides to leave the baby under Dad's supervision and comes up to relax on the chaise in her bathroom for a while.
She has tried to make this a pretty room with floral decals on her vanity chair and wastebasket, and matching floral curtains.
 It's so nice, she may just fall asleep in here!
 Onto the children's room.  They are each standing next to their respective beds to show you where they sleep.
 Sister has a nice pink bed, and Brother has a nice blue one with a little duck!
 They like to relax in their little upholstered chairs or play with toys on the rug.
 Mrs. Rich heard the baby crying from downstairs, so decided it was time for a nap in her crib.
She looks forward to Baby growing big enough to sleep in with the other children, so that there's not a crib blocking the view of her gorgeous bed!
Oh well...  Night-night, little baby!
And here's a view of the whole house.  I've really found that each house develops its own character.  I find this family the funnest so far of my families.  I just can't get it out of my mind that these parents have snooty personalities!  They just give me that vibe!
I hope you've enjoyed the tour!  I've updated my sidebar to include all the dollhouse tours so far, so if you've missed one, you can take a look!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the tour, Corey! I just love this house, the floor sweeper in the kitchen, that end table by the father's chair is unusual,the cute wastebasket with pedal in the bathroom, so much character!

Musings from Kim K. said...

You really have done a fabulous job updating the dollhouse. Love all the special details and witty commentary. I'm getting ready to update my Keystone and Rich dollhouses for Easter. I packed away their Valentine decor over the weekend. Even though our MI winter just keeps going on and on, I think it needs to be spring time at my dollhouses.

Mini Hugs!

Unknown said...

Very neat! I had a dollhouse that had people similar to that when I was a kid, I hated that they were "bendy" people for some reason. Maybe I thought they were snooty too? ;) I love the furniture in your house and all the little trimmings! I still have my furniture but not the house. I've been waiting for just the right one and your blog makes me eager every time I see one of yours! Thanks for the tour!

elizabeth ann clawson said...

i love the parents bed! with the pillow edged in lace..... so pretty! I want a doll house!

Gina said...

Love your tours! You had me laughing at the crack in the wall commentary (such an American family!)